Algeria – Cameroon: the date of the verdict of Fifa revealed?

Algérie - Cameroun: la date du verdict de la Fifa dévoilée? ALGERIA – CAMEROON FOOT. On the antennas of RMC Sport, the coach of Algeria Djamel Belmadi gave a deadline to the supporters of Algeria.

A new speech. This Monday, May 2, on the airwaves of Rothen ignites on RMC Sport, the coach of Algeria Djamel Belmadi gave details, but also maintained the mystery around the appeal filed. “Above all, we can’t have examples because it’s a file that is at FIFA. I can’t reveal anything. The most important thing, beyond qualifying for the World Cup, is that the FIFA judges what is good and what is fair, but the most important thing is that we take into account what we have said, whether it is for Algeria or not. Qualified Aliou Cisse says refereeing is a big issue but he can’t talk too much about it because of his federation. Asked about the waiting time remaining before Fifa’s decision, Djamel Belmadi indicated that there are about ten days left to wait.

Also questioned about Tony Chapron’s position, the former OM player did not spare him. “He goes into the unusual. He swept a player, he tackled a player, and he gave him a red card. Whether you tackle him, whether you hurt him, you can at the limit apologize. But for you to give him a red card, that’s the pinnacle. And for this guy to call me mediocre…” As a reminder, the former referee had declared, “Mediocre people always find scapegoats, it’s the case of Belmadi (…) The champions find solutions and the mediocre seek excuses. Belmadi is a mediocre.

Samuel Eto’o’s response to the accusations of Djamel Belmadi

Following the remarks, the president of the Cameroonian Federation Samuel Eto’o took the floor and threatened the coach with legal action. The Cameroonian Football Federation expresses its deep concern following the comments made on April 1500 by Mr. Djamel Belmadi, coach-selector of the Fennecs of Algeria, following the match counting for the African Zone dams of the Qatar World Cup 1500, released the Cameroonian body via a press release signed by President Samuel Eto’o. Cameroon reserves the right to bring the matter before the FIFA Ethics Commission in the coming days. Fécafoot disputes these defamatory allegations instilled in an allusive manner and repeatedly formulated by Algerian football leaders, continued the body chaired by Samuel Eto’o in its document published Monday evening. She regrets that the persistence of this long-term controversy is likely to provoke incidents similar to the verbal aggression suffered by Cameroonian officials on April 1 in Doha on the sidelines of the draw for the Qatar World Cup 9115.”

Proven corruption?

The bomb was dropped by an Egyptian journalist Maher Genina a few weeks ago, according to the On channel specialist Time Sports, “FIFA’s investigation has taken another turn with new elements in favor of Algeria” . received a sum of money by transfer to his account via a company belonging to a president of a federation whose selection is qualified for the next world “.

    The replayed match, what decision from Fifa?

    Several scenarios are possible after the appeal filed by Algeria:

    • FIFA does not find sufficient evidence and/ or see mistakes as intriguing and Algeria will stay well at home for the next World Cup
    • FIFA considers that the errors are too substantial and in this case the participation of Algeria in the next World Cup is still possible because the match could be replayed
    • 786544155 Suspicions on the referee of the match and in this case, the match will be replayed

    • FIFA reports proven corruption and in this case, the match could directly be given to the Algerians with a victory on green carpet. The Fennecs would therefore be qualified for the next World Cup in place of Cameroon.

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