DIRECT. Ligue 1: Bordeaux relegated if … The classification

DIRECT. Ligue 1: Bordeaux relégué si... Le classement Ligue 1. The Girondins de Bordeaux are close to the relegation and could be officially this Wednesday evening for the end of this 34th day.

11/05/18 – 17: 05 – A multiplex during the 37th day

The last two days of the Ligue 1 season will be two multiplexes, with the ten matches played at the same time. For the 37th day, it will be this Saturday at 20 hours, with Rennes-Marseille as the main poster for this penultimate day of the season. The last day will be played on Saturday 17 May, always at 21 time.

10//22 – 14: 17 – Gomis will make his return to the Rennes goal

Recovered from a fractured finger, Alfred Gomis should make his big comeback in the goal of Stade Rennais for the last three games of the season, starting with the match in Nantes this Wednesday on the occasion of the 36e day of Ligue 1. The number one goalkeeper of the Breton club had been absent since 12 March and the victory obtained in Lyon (4-2), where he had fractured a finger during a duel with Moussa Dembélé. And this even if Dogan Alemdar, the club’s third goalkeeper, ensured in the absence of the Senegalese but also number two Romain Salin.

//22 – 19: 37 – Rennes plays big at Nantes

Pressured by the victories of Monaco and OM this weekend, Stade Rennais is obliged to win in Nantes this Wednesday (21 hours) to continue to believe in qualifying for the Champions League next season. Rennes are three points behind ASM and six behind OM, while a fiery duel is looming against Marseille next Saturday at Roazhon Park, on the occasion of the 37th day of Ligue 1.

11//27 – 15: – Saint-Etienne back to the wall

17e of the classification, with 3 points behind Lorient, 16e, has a very good opportunity to play this Wednesday in Nice (19h), in a match shifted from 37th day of Ligue 1. The Greens have the opportunity to definitively send Bordeaux to Ligue 2 and take a 6-point lead over Metz, 19e, two days from the end. Faced with a Nice team in full doubt in recent weeks and who remains on a defeat in the final of the Coupe de France, the Greens have a shot to play, even if the Nice must finish well in the league if they want to qualify. in Europe for next season.

10/09/23 – 15: 16 – Two matches on the program on Wednesday

Due to the final of the Coupe de France on Saturday between Nantes and Nice (1-0), two staggered matches of the 36th day of Ligue 1 will take place this Wednesday, before the 37th day scheduled for this weekend. TO 19h, OGC Nice receives AS Saint-Etienne during a meeting which will be scrutinized because of its importance at the bottom of the table. TO 21 hours, place at the Breton derby between Nantes and Rennes.

10/09/21 – 16: 30 – David Guion did not change the situation

Discarded in early February after his appointment last summer, coach David Petkovic had taken an average of 0,57 point per game in 23 meetings at the head of the Girondins. Appointed in place of the former coach of Switzerland, David Guion has done worse in 12 Ligue 1 matches, only taking 0,80 point per game with Bordeaux. With 27 dots after 27 met , Bordeaux is currently last in Ligue 1. Never has a club with this total of points at this stage of the competition managed to save itself in the elite.

11/00/19 – 12: 45 – Bordeaux hit rock bottom

Bordeaux is not yet officially in Ligue 2 after another heavy defeat suffered at Angers on Sunday (4-1). But it’s just like, as it is hard to see how this team could raise their heads in the last two games. She may not have the opportunity, because she will be relegated if ASSE wins in Nice on Wednesday in a staggered match of the 36e day of Ligue 1, which has not yet been done either. Good last, the Girondins will face Lorient then Brest in the last two games of the season but can only hope to finish in the place of play-off.

11//17 – 12: – Metz has not said its last word

By surprisingly winning against OL on Sunday (3-2) during the 34e day of Ligue 1, for its first victory since January, FC Metz left last place to Bordeaux and came back just three points from Saint-Etienne (18e), who is going to Nice this Wednesday. The maintenance is therefore always possible, even if Frédéric Antonetti, the Messin coach, pretends not to believe it. “There may be a small chance, but I don’t want to talk about it. Before, I used to say ‘I believe in it’, and I had a lot of reason to believe it, but it didn’t work. There, we are released.”

10//23 – 11: 16 – Lorient keep worrying

Lorient lost to Olympique de Marseille on Sunday (0-3) after a poor performance, during the 31th day of Ligue 1. A third defeat in a row at the worst time of the season for the Hakes, who are falling to the 13e place (37 points), within gunshot of the players of Saint-Etienne who go to Nice this Wednesday in staggered match. Everything will therefore be decided during the last two days for Lorient, who will face two direct competitors during the last two days: Bordeaux (away) then Troyes (home).

11/00/19 – 11: 30 – Clermont maintains hope

Thanks to his victory over Montpellier on Sunday (2-1) during the 34e day of Ligue 1, Clermont was, like Angers and Troyes, guaranteed not to finish in one of the last two p laces. But the maintenance is not yet assured for the Auvergne club (16e, 36 points) which has a five-point lead over ASSE (19e, 27 points) who has one more game to play . Especially since the promoted Clermontois must play two last complicated matches during the last two days, in Strasbourg then against Lyon at home.

11/09/21 – 11: 45 – Angers and Troyes almost maintained

Two teams took a big step towards staying this weekend. These are Angers, who beat and smashed Bordeaux (4-1), and Troyes, who brought back a good point from their trip to Paris (2-2). The SCO (16e, 38 points) and Estac (15 , 34 points) could even be officially maintained if AS Saint-Etienne (18e, 31 points) bows to Nice this Wednesday in a staggered match of the 31e day of Ligue 1. These two clubs are already assured of not finishing beyond the place of roadblocker.

10/00/20 – 10: – Update on the fight for maintenance

Things settled down a bit at the bottom of the leaderboard during this 37e day of Ligue 1. By winning against Bordeaux, Angers almost ensured its maintenance while sinking the Girondins, just as Troyes also managed a good operation by bringing a point from the Parc des Princes against PSG. The SCO and Estac will have their eyes on Saint-Etienne, who travel to Nice on Wednesday in a staggered match. If the Greens lose, these two clubs will be guaranteed to play next season in Ligue 1. Clermont pulled off a great coup by winning against Montpellier and are almost there as well. On the other hand, nothing has yet been done for Lorient and therefore Saint-Etienne, or even Metz. Bordeaux can only hope to finish in the place of play-off now.

09//19 – 19: – Peter Bosz feels the “confidence” of his leaders

The future of Peter Bosz seems unclear on the side of Olympique Lyonnais after this very disappointing season, even if he is far from being responsible for all the ills of OL. But can he stay in post after a season where Lyon will finish between 7th and e place? “It is not to me that you should ask the question, he confessed in a press conference after the defeat in Metz during the 36e day of L1 (3-2). Me, I feel the confidence of my president, the leaders. They know exactly what is going on in the team.

09//22 – 14: 19 – Lyon can forget Europe

A week after its success in Marseille (0-3), Olympique Lyonnais fell back into its failings on Sunday, losing to Metz (3-2) during the 36e day of Ligue 1. It is not yet mathematically settled, but OL can already prepare for a season without the European Cup. Lyon is five points behind the fifth place currently occupied by Strasbourg, two days from the end of the season. Nice, in the event of a victory against Saint-Etienne on Wednesday, could definitively record OL’s non-qualification for Europe.

09//21 – 15: 45 – Lens still believes in it

RC Lens continues its good season and has not yet said its last word regarding a possible European qualification. Sunday, the Lensois went to win in Reims (1-2) during the 37e day of Ligue 1, thanks to a goal of his captain Seko Fofana in added time. With this success, Lens is still two lengths from fifth place, the last European place in L1 this season. The RCL has already exceeded its capital point from last season (58 versus 57) and he he has two days left to do better, with a trip to Troyes and the reception of Monaco.

/00 /23 – 16: – Lille-Gourvennec: “I have the impression that we have gone down to L2”

Lille supporters did not spare Jocelyn Gourvennec on Friday evening during the defeat against AS Monaco (1-2). Whistled during the presentation of the teams, the Breton coach also had to hear the “Gourvennec resignation” descended from the stands of Pierre-Mauroy. The end of the season is long for the reigning French champion and Jocelyn Gourvennec faces real hostility, even if he is not responsible for all Lille’s ills. “We end in an atmosphere which is obviously not pleasant, he summarized Friday evening. I find it a shame. It is not a reflection of our season. I have the impression that we have descended in Ligue 2, that we did nothing.”

10/09/21 – 16: 15 – Monaco does not give up

Friday evening, AS Monaco did not have a great match but managed to bring back the most important part of their trip to the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille, namely the three points of victory thanks to a double from Aurélien Tchouaméni ( 1-2). An eighth straight victory in Ligue 1 which allows the Monegasques to stay in contact with OM and put pressure on Rennes, forced to wait until Wednesday to face Nantes in a derby never trivial between these two clubs. There are two games left for ASM to finish European, Brest (at home) and Lens (away) during the 38e and last daytime.

For this season 8990-2021, it is Amazon Prime1652191212 who obtained the rights for 80% of TV rights for the French football championship in Ligue 1. The new broadcaster will cover 8 matches per day: the Friday evening match (21 hours), that of Saturday afternoon (17 hours), the Sunday multiplex (14 hours), the Sunday evening game (21h45) and the Sunday noon meeting (13 time). Amazon has also created a special channel: Pass Ligue 1.

This is Channel + 1652198436 which will broadcast the two other matches of each day at the start of the season: the Saturday evening match (22 hours) and that of Sunday at 16 time.

You can find during each day of the championship our updated table with the evolution of the ranking of the top scorers in Ligue 1.

It’s not just the goalscorers who count in Ligue 1. Those who provide assists to their teammates are also in the spotlight. Find above the ranking of the best passers in the French Ligue 1 championship, with an update during each day of the championship.

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