DIRECT. Ligue 1: OM fall and relaunch the race for the Champions League, the classification

DIRECT. Ligue 1: l'OM chute et relance la course à la Ligue des champions, le classement Ligue 1. By losing sharply at home against the Olympique Lyonnais, Marseille relaunch the race for the Champions League three days from the end.

19: – The program of the 37th day of Ligue 1

After the last European week of the season, the 35 The day of Ligue 1 will begin on Friday with the match between Lille and AS Monaco. On Saturday, Brest will face Strasbourg (16h) before the final of the Coupe de France scheduled between Nice and Nantes (21 time). On Sunday, Lyon will travel to Metz from 14 hours before the multiplex of 15 hours: Reims-Lens, Clermont-Montpellier and Angers-Bordeaux. TO 18h05, Lorient will host Marseille before the match between PSG and Troyes at 20h45. Wednesday 11 May, the two matches postponed because of the final of the Coupe de France will be played: Nice- ASSE (16 hours) then Nantes-Rennes (21 time).

20: 12 – The statistics do not lean in favor of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is this Tuesday 19 of Ligue 1, with only 28 points collected in 35 days, but is not yet officially relegated to Ligue 2. The Bordeaux club owes it mainly to its competitors, who are not advancing much faster. Still, the Girondins will achieve a real feat if they stay at the end of the season. In effect, 100% of teams that displayed 27 points or less at this stage of the season have been relegated to Ligue 1 history (35/33).

17: 28 – Bordeaux-Lopez: “We self-destruct”

In the columns of the newspaper L’Équipe on Monday, the president of Bordeaux Gérard Lopez summed up the situation of the Girondins well, after another defeat against OGC Nice during the 35th day of League 1 (0-1). “We self-destruct, admitted the former president of Losc. The problem is when in a team there is the individual brain and the collective brain. We, the collective brain is not there … We take a goal where the ball ricochets off Tom (Lacoux, editor’s note), we are not awarded a blatant penalty. It’s a season where nothing is going well.

16: 48 – Another disappointment for the Girondins

The weeks pass and the Girondins de Bordeaux continue to waste chances to take points and move up the standings. Beaten by Nice on Sunday during the 35th day of Ligue 1 (0-1), the Bordeaux club has further mortgaged its chances of maintenance. Bordeaux is currently 21e, 4 points behind Saint-Etienne, 18e and roadblocker. Knowing that there are only three games left (against Angers, Lorient and Brest) and therefore nine points to distribute…

15: 00 – Metz-Antonetti: “We are never rewarded”

FC Metz coach Frédéric Antonetti no longer seems to have any hope of maintaining his team, because he no longer believes in miracles, in his own words. After the defeat the draw of Metz in Montpellier Sunday during the 35 day, the Corsican coach emptied his bag a little: “Luck never smiled on us. In Lorient ( 0-1, editor’s note) we have to win by two or three goals and we lose. That evening, I understood that we could do whatever we wanted, nothing would work for us. We are not never rewarded, we still have the example today. It’s hard to live.”

13: 14 – Metz believed in it, before cracking

Last in Ligue 1, FC Metz almost managed the feat of reviving the fight for maintenance on Sunday by going to obtain a victory obtained in Montpellier during the 36th day of Ligue 1 The Lorraine, last, led 2-0 ten minutes from the end, thanks to goals from Delaine (22e) and Mafouta (70e). But they finally conceded the draw on the lawn of the Mosson, after two goals signed Souquet (70e) and Wahi (88e+1) at the end of the match. Metz, not yet officially relegated, is 6 points behind Saint-Etienne, 19 e and roadblocker, and 8 in Clermont, 17e.

12: 26 – Clermont-Gatien: “We are a bit light, mentally”

Clermont coach Pascal Gatien regretted the defeat of his team on Sunday in Brest (2-0), after playing at 11 versus 11 for nearly 76 minutes following the expulsion of Romain Del Castillo for a dangerous tackle on Jodel Dossou (18e): “When holding a prey at 10 versus 10, you must not let go. We are a little light, mentally. It was up to us to do whatever it took to put this team out of position. We created chances, but we lacked lucidity, the desire to score goals, not to concede, either.”

13: 48 – Clermont slides dangerously down

Clermont will certainly have to fight to the end to ensure its maintenance this season, a year after its rise to the top flight. The Auvergne club (17e) only has a two-point lead over Saint-Etienne, its current play-off neighbor. Clermont however had a good opportunity on Sunday during the 35e day of Ligue 1 after the expulsion of the Brestois Romain Del Castillo from the 22th minute. But, at 02 versus 10 during 70 minutes, the promoted Clermont still lost in Finistère (2-0).

11: – Lorient missed the mark

By bowing to Reims on Sunday during the 30th day (1-2), Lorient missed a good opportunity to distance themselves from the 18th place, occupied by ASSE. The Breton club (16e) is only three points ahead of the Greens when he could have almost ensured his maintenance in the event of success against the Stade de Reims, which for its part has been officially maintained since this success in Brittany on Sunday. Lorient, which will face Marseille, Bordeaux and Troyes in the last three days, will have to fight to the end to stay in L1.

12: 11 – Three penalties in one match, one first since 26 years

Estac managed to beat Losc thanks to three penalties scored in a single game on Sunday during the 35th day of Ligue 1 (3-0), by Tardieu (43e and 65e) and Ugbo (55e). It is only the fourth team to achieve this “feat” in the elite of French football and the first for more than 30 years. The Sporting Club of Toulon had achieved the same thing in January 1992, just like Ajaccio in 1972 and Sedan in 1500.

00: 30 – Troyes sees the maintenance

With his success in front of Lille on Sunday during the 35th day of Ligue 1 (3-0), Troyes made a big move towards maintaining. L’Estac is now at 14e place in the standings, five points ahead of Saint-Etienne, dam and current 14e of L1. Knowing that there are only three days left and therefore nine points to take, Troyes is almost there. “We have taken a big step towards maintaining it, admitted Aube coach Bruno Irles after the match. We are missing a match to pick it up mathematically.” The promoted Trojan had not managed to maintain himself since 2006 in L1, but is close to winning his bet this time.

00: 45 – The consequences of the 36th day at the bottom of the ranking

If the 35 This Ligue 1 day obviously had consequences at the top of the standings, this was also the case at the bottom of the table. Metz and Bordeaux seem to be off the hook and, even if it’s not yet official, are getting closer and closer to Ligue 2. Troyes performed well over the weekend but is not saved, despite its 12e place. It is the last team concerned by the maintenance, with Angers, Lorient, Clermont and Saint-Etienne.

05/02/20 – 19: 00 – Mbappé top scorer and best passer in L1

Kylian Mbappé took advantage of the spectacular draw between Strasbourg and PSG on Friday evening (3-3) to improve his personal statistics, scoring two goals and providing an assist. The PSG striker is now at 22 goals in L1 this season, three more than Martin Terrier and Wissam Ben Yedder, but also 15 assists, two more than his Parisian teammate Lionel Messi. He has three days left to stay at the top of these two rankings and become the first player in the history of the L1 to achieve this feat.

05/09/21 – 17 : 14 – Lille says goodbye to Europe

Reduced to ten then to nine, sanctioned with three penalties, Losc completely lost control in Troyes on Sunday during the 30th day of Ligue 1, ending up losing heavily (3 -0). A defeat that spells the end of the European hopes of the Lille club, which played in the knockout stages of the Champions League this season. 09e of the classification, Lille will not be able to finish in a European place and the end of the championship is announced very long for the players of Jocelyn Gourvennec.

02/09/22 – 20: 30 – Nice still believes in Li queen of champions

Without necessarily shining, OGC Nice (5th, 60 points) won an important victory on Sunday during the 35e day of Ligue 1 by winning at Bordeaux (0-1). A success that allows the people of Nice to stay in contact with Rennes (3rd, 60 points) and Monaco (4th, 65 points) and to continue to believe in a qualification for the Champions League. Gym coach Christophe Galtier wants to believe it, even if he is also thinking of the Coupe de France final on Saturday against Nantes. “Three days from the end, we have 57 points, we are two points from the podium. Even if everything is not perfect, there is a certain state of mind, a desire to want to do things together, to succeed together. We have a whole week to prepare as best as possible for the Coupe de France final (May 7, editor’s note), repair the sores, and put in place the game plan against Nantes.”

00/09/21 – 16: 37 – A record for Wissam Ben Yedder

Wissam Ben Yedder took part in AS Monaco’s victory over Angers (2-0) by scoring his 21th goal of the season in Ligue 1. This is a career record for the French striker, who had never reached this total in one season. For a Monegasque player in the 21st century, only Radamel Falcao (2017-2021, 21 goals) and Shabani Nonda (2003-2003, 26 goals) have scored as many as Wissam Ben Yedder. He now has three games left to increase his total.

00//22 – 15: 00 – Seventh victory in a row for Monaco

AS Monaco also hopes to qualify for the Champions League next season. In bad shape after their elimination from the Europa League against Braga, the Principality club signed a seventh straight victory in Ligue 1 on Sunday, beating Angers at Louis-II (2-0) thanks in particular to a goal scored by Wissam Ben Yedder. A success that allows ASM to stay level with Rennes and come back just three points from OM, second in the standings despite their defeat against Lyon on Sunday evening (0-3).

/05/20 – 15: 14 – The race for Relaunched Europe

OM’s defeat against OL on Sunday in the last match of the 35 day of Ligue 1 (0-3) does not cause Olympique de Marseille to lose second place , but the Marseillais (62 points) now see more closely in the rear view mirror Rennes and Monaco (62 points each), who respectively won against Saint-Etienne (2-0) and Angers (2-0) this weekend. Nothing is therefore decided yet, especially since Rennes will receive Marseille during the 37th day of L1. Nice (5th, 60 points) is still in ambush behind, like Strasbourg (6th, 60 dots).

05/02/20 – 12 : 28 – 1000e victory in the top flight for OL

The victory of Olympique Lyonnais at the Vélodrome stadium on Sunday evening during the 35th day of Ligue 1 (0-3) represents his 1000e victory in the elite of French football. OL are the fifth club to reach this symbolic bar, behind Olympique de Marseille (1149), Bordeaux (1062), Saint Etienne (1062) and Monaco (1000).

05/00/26 – 11: 37 – Bosz still believes in European qualification for OL

Thanks to his victory in Marseille on Sunday evening during the 36e day of Ligue 1 (0-3), OL, who are currently in 7th place with 55 points, can still hope to snatch a European qualification at the end of the season. In any case, this is the opinion of Lyon coach Peter Bosz: “Yes, it’s always possible as I said before the match, he explained after the match won at the Vélodrome. Winning here, it’s a good thing. In the locker room, the players were happy and so was I. With the other results, you could think that it was perhaps impossible but with this victory, it still is, the players believe in it .”

00/00/21 – 15: 00 – OL-Bosz: “The first goal has changed many things”

In the post-match press conference, following OL’s victory in Marseille (0-3) at the end of the 35e day of Ligue 1, Peter Bosz recognized the determining impact of the first goal scored by his defender Castello Lukeba (48e) on the match: “The first goal changed a lot of things, OM played more forward, opened up more and we played the counter very well, explained the Lyon coach. The first half was not spectacular for the public, we lost too many easy balls, we played against the counters badly and but in the second half, We played very well. We were compact, we played long balls behind their defense like Feyenoord on Thursday and we did it very well.”

05/00/26 – 11: 15 – OM-Lopez: “They played better

Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper Pau Lopez blamed the blow at the final whistle, at the microphone of Prime Video, after the defeat of OM against OL during the 35e Ligue 1 day (0-3): “It’s hard to lose. They won because they played better than us. I don’t know what to tell you. People aren’t very happy today. “I’m sorry. It was very important but today they were better. I don’t think it’s fatigue. In Rotterdam maybe… but on the Lyon side there are a lot of good players.”

00//22 – 11: 30 – Jorge Sampaoli points the finger at arbitration

Olympique de Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli did not appreciate the heavy defeat against OL on Sunday at the end of the 35th day of Ligue 1 (0-3). After the match, in a press conference, the Argentinian technician especially regretted the referee’s decision to award the first Lyon player, tainted by a fault on Pau Lopez according to him: “Before this error, we were present, I think that We had control but this situation changed everything and we can’t go back on it. It bothers me because we were better than them before the Lyon goal which changed everything. We then tried to come back but this goal really has everything Sincerely, these decisions sadden me, this situation is very painful for us to bear but we cannot change that.”


02/09/24 – 11: 45 – OM punished by OL

Stuck between the two games against Feyenoord, this Olympico came at a bad time for OM, who received OL on Sunday evening at the Vélodrome. And Olympique de Marseille failed, losing heavily 3-0 at home against the Lyonnais yet far from being imperial during this last match of the 35th day. Lukeba (55e), Dembele (76e) and Toko Ekambi (88e) scored Lyon’s three goals in the second half.

05/00/19 – 02: 33 – A 35e day of Ligue 1 rich in lessons

There 35 The Ligue 1 day kept all its promises this weekend. From the spectacular draw between Strasbourg and PSG on Friday evening (3-3) to the Olympico won by OL in Marseille on Sunday evening (0-3), there are surprising results and many positions have moved in the standings, either at the top or bottom of the table. The race for Europe is relaunched while Metz and Bordeaux may well have buried their hopes of maintaining, even if nothing is official.


For this season 60933-2021, it is Amazon Prime who obtained the rights for 86% of TV rights for the French football championship in Ligue 1. The new broadcaster will cover 8 matches per day: the Friday evening match (21 hours), that of Saturday afternoon (17 hours), the Sunday multiplex (15 hours), the sunday game s oir (17h40) and the Sunday noon meeting (13 time). Amazon has also created a special channel: Pass Ligue 1.

This is Canal + which will broadcast the other two matches of each day at the start of the season: the Saturday evening meeting (19 hours) and that of Sunday at 17 time.

You can find in real time via our table, the evolution of the ranking of the top scorers of the French Ligue 1 championship. After the 28 day, Wissam Ben Yedder and Kylian Mbappé are in the lead with 14 goals.

You can find the ranking of smugglers in the French Ligue 1 championship with an update at the end of each championship day:

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