DIRECT. Munster – Toulouse: Stade Toulousain takes the lead in Ireland

DIRECT. Munster - Toulouse: le Stade Toulousain prend les devants en Irlande MUNSTER – TOULOUSE. RUGBY. Score and live tries, summary… After a tricky start to the match, the Stade managed to regain the advantage thanks to tries from Ntamack and Lebel. A place in the semi-finals of the Champions Cup is at stake!


7: 16

Stade ToulousainScore Stade Toulousain

Score Stade Toulousain


22: 54 – Toulouse concedes a touch in its 30 meters

Lebel is constrained wire er in touch under pressure from the defense of Munster.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 43 – Toulouse is doing well

On a kick in the back , Ramos manages to flatten in his in-goal. It was less than one for the Stadium. Munster dominates but fails to materialize on the scoreboard.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 45 – Ahead of Toulouse in front of its 22 meters

Dupont quickly played the dismissal. Meafou made a forward. Munster inherits a good scrum.

Score Stade Toulousain

31: 40 – Carbery misses his attempt

Toulouse still has 7 points advance against Munster.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 37 – Munster scratches a penalty

To 40 meters, in front of the posts, the Irish take the posts. They could come back to within 4 points of Toulouse.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 41 – Toulouse’s attack does nothing

An attack kick from Ntamack does nothing. On the return kick from Munster, Toulouse tries a drop… It is missed!

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 40 – A melee in the part of the Munster field

The ball is in the hands of Dupont. For now, in this area of ​​play, Toulouse has taken over.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 39 – Toulouse scratches a new penalty

The reigning European champion disgusts his opponent. Munster is getting more and more frustrated!

Score Stade Toulousain

31: 39 – A melee in favor of Munster

Introduction in 35 meters from the Stade Toulousain.

Score Stade Toulousain

16: 37 – Toulouse present at the meeting

At the half-hour mark, the Stade reassured its supporters. Ntamack’s partners are well in the game and took the mark (7-14). The package of forwards manhandles that of Munster.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 35 – Ahead of Ramos

Upon receiving a ball in the air, the back of Toulouse loses control of the ball. We leave for a scrum in favor of Munster, in the part of the field of the Stadium.

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 33 – Ramos continues his festival at the foot

The back of Toulouse transforms the test. Munster are trailing by 7 points (7-13).

Score Stade Toulousain

165193482513: 33 – TEST FOR TOULOUSE

A wonder ! After a good melee, Dupont lets go of the cavalry. After a relay from Ahki, Ramos manages to shift Lebel at the end of the line. The Stade winger only had to finish. Toulouse takes the advantage for the first. Munster takes a hit on the head!

Score Stade Toulousain

22: 33 – Incredible melee of Toulouse

What power ! The Stadium manages to recover a new penalty. The forwards resume a scrum. They are dominating five meters from the in-goal.

Score Stade Toulousain1651934825

22: 16 – What defense of Munster

Toulouse undertakes a maul after a nice throw-in. But, the Irish manage to bury the ball on the ground. They recover the ball, for a scrum, 5 meters from their in-goal.


Score Stade Toulousain

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