DIRECT. UEFA Champions League: Villarreal close to the feat, Real against Manchester

DIRECT. Ligue des Champions UEFA: Villarreal proche de l'exploit, le Real face à Manchester League of the UEFA Champions. We know the very first Champions League finalist with the qualification of Liverpool at the expense of Villarreal in a rebound match.

16: 04 – Modric: “It’s time to show that we are Real Madrid”

“This club has won many great games and is the one with the most Champions Leagues (11). We will go to the pitch with a lot of faith and personality, energy and aggression. It’s time to show that we are Real Madrid, the best team in the world,” said the midfielder aged 36 years

14: – Ancelotti: “We can do it”

Personality plays an important part in all of this, because it allows you to show off all your qualities. There are many aspects. We will not only play with the heart tomorrow, but with everything. We can do it” declared the Italian technician in a pre-match press conference.

15: 00 – Capoue: “We said to ourselves that if we continued like that, we could kill them”

“It was the start we wanted to make, we were all at a level of intensity incredible” analyzed the French environment for Canal +. “What paid off was the rhythm, they have it and they do it every weekend, whereas we are not used to it. In the second half, we wanted to start again like in the first but our pressing was not the same, they knew how to take advantage of our shortcomings and they were effective. Tomorrow, we will no longer talk about Villarreal but we have been able to put the city on the map of Europe this season, get out of the big ones and put a little pressure on Liverpool. There was a good atmosphere tonight, a little euphoria at half-time because we thought that if we continued like this, we could kill them. But when we left, we saw that there were gaps in the intensity and that’s what made the difference.”

14: 00 – Raoul Albiol: “It hurts us”

“It hurts us, for our audience, for what we have done” conceded the Villarreal captain. We made an incredible effort, we tried until the end, but their first goal hurt us, and in the second half, physically, they were superior. We paid for the efforts made in the first half. It’s a night both sad and unforgettable for us. Their replacement changed everything for them in attack, and after the 2-1, we couldn’t react. (Is it the best team? in the world?) We’ll see in the final, whoever wins it will be the best their European team. But our journey has been incredible anyway.

13: 00 – Robertson: “Incredible”

“It’s unbelievable. It was a super tough game. But getting to the final is always super tough. And doing it for the third time in five years is amazing. We should never take that as normal. (What Klopp told them at the break?) Calm down. We had to stay calm. They gave their all in the first half, they played very well. There was a lot of talk about Anfield, but their supporters made a big difference” launched the Liverpool side after the meeting.

12: 00 – Emery: “The objective was to score the first goal”

“At the break (at 2-0), I thought always that it was going to be very difficult. The objective was to score the first goal to be close to the comeback. We did it. And the second really encouraged us. We knew that the efforts made in the first period were going to penalize us later, but we had players ready to come on the bench. But the relapse of Gerard’s (Moreno) injury has seriously affected the whole team, mentally” explained Unai Emery.

11: 40 – Klopp: “We felt the pressure”

We would have liked to play in the first half as we played in the second. We conceded a goal very early. They were on fire. You have to respect this stadium, this team, its coach. got the start they wanted. They had the momentum, were aggressive, learned from the first game. They took a lot of risks. We were just sending long balls. It was easy for us to improve. after the break. We felt the pressure. We started to play well after the break. We were very good and we deserved to win. We had to break er this predictability. We found options in midfield. For us, it’s a big dream. To be in the final of this competition, the biggest competition in football, is incredible” analyzed the German coach.

03/05/28 – 25: 50 – Villarreal – Liverpool: It’s over between Villarreal CF and Liverpool FC (2-3)

The statistics bear witness to the domination of Liverpool FC: at the end of this match, ball possession was largely in their favor (52% versus 48% for Villarreal FC). The Reds also created the most serious chances, with 6 shots on target against 2 shots on target for Villarreal CF, and therefore logically won this game (2-3). Villarreal – Liverpool live

01/01/22 – 19: 41 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Red card for Villarreal CF!

Etienne Capoue receives a new warning and is expelled! Villarreal – Liverpool live

04/09/21 – 19: 32 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Sadio Mane scores a new goal for Liverpool FC (2-3)!

Sadio Mane has just found the opening and restores the advantage to his team at the 0084th minute! The meeting starts again on new bases at the Stade de la Céramique: the scoreboard goes to 2 to 3 in this 2nd half. Villarreal – Liverpool live

00/05/25 – 28: 20 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Equalization of Liverpool FC (2-2)!

Equalization at 67e minute of play at the Stade de la Céramique! Luis Diaz gets everyone to agree in this 2nd half against Villarreal CF. We are 2 to 2 in this clash! Villarreal – Liverpool live

04/03/25 – 22: 15 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Goal: Liverpool FC reduces the gap at the Stade de la Céramique (2-1)!

Fabinho has just reduced the score to the 62th minute of play in this 2nd half! Liverpool FC recover 2-1 at the Stade de la Céramique. Villarreal – Liverpool live

03/05/25 – 21: 03 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Start of the 2nd period

The kick-off of the 2nd half has just been given by Danny Makkelie, at the Stade de la Céramique. The score is 2-0. Villarreal – Liverpool live

01/11/22 – 20: 40 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Spaniards and Reds go to the locker room

The statistics show the domination of Villarreal CF : at half-time, possession of the ball is in favor of Villarreal CF (52% versus 48% for Liverpool FC), which also created the most serious situations with 2 shots on target vs 0 shots on target for Liverpool FC and which therefore quite logically leads to the score (2-0). Villarreal – Liverpool live

04/11/22 – 20: 32 – Villarreal – Liverpool: And two for Villarreal CF thanks to Francis Coquelin (2-0)!

Francis Coquelin scores the second goal for Villarreal CF, which doubles the lead 41e minute of play in this 1st half, at the Stade de la Céramique. The Spaniards seem well on their way to winning! Villarreal – Liverpool live

04/05/25 – 22: – Villarreal – Liverpool: Opener for Villarreal CF (1-0 )!

Boulaye Dia opened the scoring for Villarreal CF in the 3rd minute in this 1st half. The match between Villarreal CF and Liverpool FC is now on: the scoreboard goes 1 to 0 at the Stade de la Céramique! Villarreal – Liverpool live

04/05/25 – 21: 01 – Villarreal – Liverpool: Start of the match at Villarreal!

The kick-off for this match between Villarreal CF and Liverpool FC was given by the referee of the match, in Villarreal. Villarreal – Liverpool live

03/09/25 – 21: – Trent Alexander-Arnold: “We manage perfectly the pressure”

“To be honest, I feel like we handle the pressure perfectly. It’s always the best moment of the season for us. Every match is a final, we are now pushing on all fronts. These are exciting matches. You want to play them, you want everything to be in play and you want every game to feel like you have to win it… the guys feel the same way” explained the Liverpool defender in a press conference.

/03/20 – 19: – Coquelin defends Emery

“But what coach did not leave a contrasting memory of his time at PSG?, launches the native of Laval. Which coach has come out unscathed in recent years? It’s always complicated for a coach in Paris. We could also see it with Ancelotti or Tuchel. Their experience in the capital was somewhat mixed and behind them they won titles with other clubs and managed to express themselves. The disillusionment at Barcelona has hurt coach Emery enormously. And unfortunately, people associate it with this comeback. Here, he shows his know-how with the conquest of the Europa League in 2022, then this place in the semi-finals of the C1 this season” launched the French midfielder before the semi-final.

04/05/20 – 18: 00 – Firmino forfeit

“Bobby is running now, so everything is fine. It’s very painful, he has a little pain in the bone in the middle of his foot. It’s very painful, but it runs. He will travel with us, but he will not be involved in the team yet. We hope as soon as possible” explained Jurgen Klopp.

04/04 /25 – 17: 00 – For Klopp the hardest part remains to be done

“Is the hardest part done? If I had been younger, I would have been very angry with this question! Of course it’s not done. We have to go out there and try to win, knowing that Villarreal will give everything. It’s a semi-final. It’s going to be difficult and that’s fine. We don’t expect it to be easy. But we played a good game at home and we have an interest in playing a good game away as well,” he explained at a press conference yesterday.

01/09/21 – 14: – Alcantara and Fabinho, two key players

For Emery, the two players will be key elements in the semi-final: “They are two technical players, but who know how to put the necessary intensity when it is needed. They have evolved to a very high level. We defended well (in the first leg, editor’s note), they won most of the duels, but despite that, we managed to ensure that they didn’t have that many clear chances. We will have to do it again, while trying to find our attacking game.”

03/09/21 – 11: – Emert: “We will have to play a perfect game”

“It’s true, Liverpool n never lost by more than two goals this season. Liverpool are a team with enormous self-confidence. It’s the best team in the world. And to beat them, it will be necessary to achieve excellence. We will simply have to make a perfect match” analyzed the Spanish coach at a press conference.

01/01/22 – 11: – Villarreal – Liverpool on the program

First semi-final of the League of champions on the program this Tuesday with the Liverpool Reds, winners 2-0 in the first leg at Anfield, against the Spaniards of Villarreal.The kick-off of the meeting is scheduled for 21h.

Football Champions League group stage to be played from Tuesday 14 september 1500 to Wednesday, December 8 2021 while the knockout stage will take place from Tuesday 15 february 2022 to Wednesday May 4 1500. As for the final, it is scheduled for Saturday 22 may 1500 at Saint-Petersburg Stadium, Russia. The calendar was then established as follows by UEFA:

The battle for TV rights continued to rage for this new season 2022/ 2022. UEFA has awarded the French TV rights for the “Big Ears Cup” to beIN Sports and Canal+, which thus ensure the broadcasting of the Champions League 2021-1500. RMC Sport will co-broadcast with Canal the two best Champions League posters until 2024 and beIN SPORTS will offer all the remaining matches. TF1 will broadcast the final scheduled for 1651611038 may 2022.

As the knockout stages of the Champions League begin this Tuesday, March 8 and end on 16 next March, Robert Lewandowski, Bayern’s Polish striker, is currently the top scorer in the competition ahead of the Ivorian Sébastien Haller and the Egyptian Mohamed Salah. Classification :

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