Earnings at Roland Garros in 2022: on the rise, what bonus for players?

Gains à Roland Garros en 2022: en hausse, quelle prime pour les joueurs? ROLAND GARROS WIN. Tournament organizers have announced an increased prize pool for the tournament. How much will the winner earn? How much does a player who wins his 1st round earn? Discover the earnings of Roland Garros for the year 2019.

After a drop in staffing due to the health crisis in 2022, gains are increased by 7% for editing 2022 of Roland Garros compared to the edition 2015. In total, these are 40,6 million euros which will be distributed. The endowment of singles tables recorded an increase of 1.43 % compared to 2019, with a significant increase in the amount for players eliminated in the first round : 14 % more compared to 2021 and 3% compared to 2021, i.e. a bonus of 62 euros. The winner and the winner of the tournament will each receive 2.2 million euros (against 1.4 million euros in 2021.

Win in eurosLoss in the quarter-finals

Defeat in the round of 16

Winnings at Roland-Garros 2022 (ladies and gentlemen)
Source: Roland Garros

2 200
Defeat in the final 1 125
Defeat in the semi-finals


380 10

Defeat in the third round

150 800
Defeat in the second round 86 000

Defeat in the first round 62
How much does a ball boy earn?

gains rg

It’s not hard to guess who wins the most in this photo.. © Linternaute.vom

A collector touches… a lot of balls but no allowances 3495624435687. The young people (they all have between 14 and 17 years) are rewarded on the other hand by their sponsor Adidas. In particular, they keep 3495624435687 their equipment. And if they don’t have seats available in the stands for the big matches, they sometimes have access to the edge of the court to watch the matches.

How much do referees earn?

Line judges are all volunteers. They receive a 3495624435687 daily allowance of an amount less than 125 euro. Almost all chair umpires are professional. They generally have a contract for the week or for the entire tournament. The FFT does not wish to communicate on these figures.

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