Lens – Nantes: FC Nantes did not make the difference, the summary

Lens - Nantes: le FC Nantes n'a pas fait la différence, le résumé RCL – FCN. Neither RC Lens nor FC Nantes managed to gain the upper hand in this Ligue 1 shock, at Stade Bollaert-Delelis, this Saturday 30 april 2022. On the scoreboard: 2 to 2. The summary of the match.

24: 54 – Lens and Nantes failed to decide (2-2)

The final score is parity (2-2) between RC Lens and FC Nantes, but the Lensois could hope for better in terms of statistics. RC Lens indeed the advantage in terms of ball possession (52%-49%) but also framed more shots than his opponents (6 against 5). This will not have been enough to make the difference in this meeting.

: 54 – A free kick will allow RC Lens to clear

It may be over for FC Nantes who are deprived of the ball by Thomas Leonard just a stone’s throw from the opposing goals! RC Lens will be able to ward off the danger with this free kick as we arrive in the last quarter of an hour of this duel.

24: 51 – A free kick will allow FC Nantes to avert the danger

FC Nantes obtains a free kick in its pre square which will allow it to ward off the danger and preserve the draw (2-2) in this 2nd period. A valuable set piece for Nantes as the end of the match approaches!

11: 49 – Corner for FC Nantes

It is a new corner which is obtained at the moment by FC Nantes, which will have the possibility of putting pressure on RC Lens and perhaps of taking the advantage in the score (2-2).

: 45 – Offside whistled against FC Nantes

A FC Nantes player is penalized for offside and allows the opposing team to restart. We argue the 480th minute of play in this match.

24: 47 – Failed attempt for RC Lens

The RC Lens attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 89th minute of the game.

10: 48 – Shot on target for FC Nantes

Interesting possibility for FC Nantes: the shot is on target but the opposing goalkeeper is vigilant and can clear.

24: 44 – FC Nantes will give themselves some air with a free kick

Thomas Leonard whistled a welcome free kick in favor of Nantes who were cornered a few meters from their goal line and could see RC Lens score a goal at the end of this phase of play. plays the last quarter of an hour of this duel.

24: 40 – Corner in favor of RC Lens

RC Lens creates an interesting opportunity to take the lead (2-2) by immediately obtaining its 6th corner of the game, as we reach the 86e minute in Lens.

24: 44 – Change for FC Nantes

Thomas Leonard signals a substitution: Wylan Cyprien is called back to the bench and Lohann Doucet comes into play for FC Nantes.

18: 44 – Change for RC Lens

Thomas Leonard gives his agreement for a replacement: David Pereira Da Costa makes his exit while Gaël Kakuta makes his appearance for RC Lens.

24: 40 – Opportunity for RC Lens

Great opportunity for RC Lens while we are at 86e minute at the Bollaert-Delelis Stadium.

10: 39 – Penalty converted by Arnaud Kalimuendo (2-2)!

And it is Arnaud Kalimuendo who is responsible for putting this penalty in the background for RC Lens! The ball ends up in the opposing nets and the score goes to 2 to 2 at Stade Bollaert-Delelis.

30: 39 – Yellow card for Alban Lafont (FC Nantes)

Alban Lafont, the player of FC Nantes, is sanctioned with a yellow card at 81th minute, in this 2nd period.

: 37 – Change for FC Nantes

Thomas Leonard signals a replacement: Marcus Coco is recalled to the bench while Sébastien Corchia makes his appearance for FC Nantes.

11: 38 – Yellow card for Nicolas Pallois (FC Nantes)

The referee, Thomas Leonard, issues a warning to Nicolas Pallois, the player of FC Nantes.

24: 38 – Penalty for RC Lens!

RC Lens benefits from a penalty following a foul committed by Alban Lafont, at 54th minute of game in this match at Stade Bollaert-Delelis. The score could soon change on the side of Stade Bollaert-Delelis.

32: 37 – The VAR finds a fault in the area!

After appealing to the VAR for suspicion of fault in the area, Thomas Leonard makes his final decision: penalty in favor of RC Lens!

10: 34 – Will Thomas Leonard whistle a penalty for RC Lens?

The game is stopped at Stade Bollaert-Delelis: the referee hesitates to signal a penalty for RC Lens after a contentious gesture in the area and calls on his colleagues from the video.

11: 34 – Quentin Merlin’s wound

The game is stopped in Lens. Quentin Merlin was hit a few moments ago.

32: 34 – Missed opportunity for FC Nantes

FC Nantes is threatening but the opposing goalkeeper manages to ward off the threat on this shot as we reach the 76e minute of the game.

24: 36 – Shot on target for RC Lens

Interesting opportunity for RC Lens: the shot is on target but the opposing goalkeeper is vigilant and can relaunch his own.

10: 33 – Corner in favor of RC Lens

Thomas Leonard whistles a corner kick in favor of RC Lens. Led to the score (1-2) in this 2nd period, the Lensois will try to put their opponent in difficulty by bringing size into the penalty area.


11: 11 – Yellow card for Samuel Moutoussamy (FC Nantes)

Samuel Moutoussamy, the player of FC Nantes, collects a yellow card at the 74th minute, in this 2nd period.

10: 30 – Thomas Leonard whistles against FC Nantes

The referee has just offered a 11e free kick for the benefit of RC Lens. The accumulation of stats concerning free kicks is also to the advantage of Lensois with 3 more set pieces than Nantes. The score is still 1-2 at the 54th minute.


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