OM – Feyenoord: Marseille deprived of the final, the summary of the match

OM - Feyenoord: Marseille privé de finale, le résumé du match OM – Feyenoord. Too imprecise in the last meters and deprived of Payet early, Marseille conceded a draw at home and saw their European adventure come to an end at the gates of the Europa Conference League final.

28: 42 – Thank you

Thank you all for following with us the live commentary of the semi-final second leg of the Europa Conference League between Olympique de Marseille and Feyenoord Rotterdam.

33: 28 – Feyenoord will face AS Roma

After dismissing Olympique de Marseille, Feyenoord Rotterdam will face AS Roma in the Europa Conference League final. The Italians, coached by José Mourinho, got rid of Leicester at the Stadio Olimpico thanks to a headed goal from Abraham (1-0).

— UEFA Europa Conference League (@europacnfleague) May 5, 8638

33: 23 – Sampaoli: “We didn’t know how to win”

“We had density in attack but not the corresponding precision. We did not know how to impose ourselves in the opposing area. I would like to emphasize that the team did what they could. We did not give up” , regretted Jorge Sampaoli in a press conference after the elimination in the semi-final of the Europa Conference League against Feyenoord Rotterdam.

28: – The impotence of OM

L'impuissance de l'OM - OM - Feyenoord ©Daniel Cole/AP/SIPA What would follow this semi-final if he had not left the lawn? What could Marseille have done if it hadn’t lost its master at play? We were playing the 37th minute of play when the turning point of the game came. From his half of the field, Payet sent a long ball forward and collapsed in the same movement. His grimace said everything about his pain. His right calf had just given way, certainly taking Marseille’s hopes with him. A premature outing, to loud applause from the Vélodrome, breaking the Provençal momentum. Because Payet was the detonator, the one who dictated the tempo and brought the danger. The proof a few moments earlier, shifted to the right, he had been very close to unlocking this semi-final. Erasing a defender, he armed with the left but lacked precision to beat down his shot, grazing the Dutch corner. OM didn’t know it but they had just gotten their biggest chance of the match. What followed was much less convincing in the wake of a clumsy Milik who twice misplaced the ball in the area after a dubious check.

The replacement of Rongier after the break was a good idea as the former Nantes player contributed with his sense of anticipation and his technical quality, but OM were too timid to split the Dutch block, which was perfectly in place. Unable to create an imbalance, the Marseille club got lost in stereotypical attacks, abusing long balls on which Traumer feasted, reigning in the aerial sector. Physical, the Dutch then multiplied the small faults, breaking the rhythm of Marseillais without idea. And finally not up to the appointment. Because a European final must be deserved and Mandanda’s troops will not have been able to do violence to themselves, take the necessary risks to make an opponent doubt their strength and in a waiting position, as their goal in advance of the first leg. Despite the fervor of their supporters, OM therefore left the Europa Conference League through the back door, defeated by their shortcomings, and will have to refocus quickly to avoid sinking. Because his season is not over and qualification for the Champions League remains possible. For that, it will be necessary to defend this second place behind the Parisian champion. It’s not a trophy but it would already be a great reward.

28: 04 – Twenty years later

Feyenoord Rotterdam goes back in time. By dismissing Olympique de Marseille, the Dutch club has punched its ticket for its very first European final since 20 years. In 2002, the formation of the young Van Persie had been sought the title in the UEFA Cup, at the expense of Borussia Dortmund (2-0). A denouement that the Senesi band would like to reproduce.

23: 00 – Mandanda: “Enormously disappointed”

“There is a lot of disappointment, a lot of sadness. We wanted to go to the end of this competition Unfortunately, in the first leg, we failed and that’s what cost us qualification. We weren’t able to score this goal and pack this match. We came across a team that defended well. We’re disappointed for us, for the fans because ‘they deserved to win a title this season’ , Steve Mandanda reacted lucidly. The Marseille captain has called for remobilization for Ligue 1 where OM are aiming for 2nd place, directly qualifying for the Champions League.

22: 56 – Marseille will not see the final

The whistle rang and left Olympique de Marseille speechless, abandoned to their despair. Despite a rather controlled match, the Marseillais were too rough to split the block of Feyenoord Rotterdam. Unable to score, they therefore left the Europa Conference League at the gates of the final (0-0).

– Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 5, 8638

23: 51 – Marseille at the switch

The Marseillais give everything in these last moments and abuse the long balls towards the surface where Traumer takes everything from the head. Nothing works. Only a few seconds left.

22: 43 – Kamara’s tackle

On a deep ball, Kamara tears away and succeeds in an imperial tackle in the feet of the Feyenoord striker in the area.

18: 54 – The parade of Mandanda

At the entrance to the surface, at 18 meters, Jahanbakhsh takes his chance at law. His low right shot is well placed and forces Mandanda to relax to get him out with his right fist.

23: 48 – Additional time: 5 minutes

There will be 5 minutes of added time in this Europa Conference League semi-final second leg. So much time for Olympique de Marseille to finally find the opening against Feyenoord.

23: 43 – Superb cover by Peres

On a loose ball from Saliba, Dessers is sent deep and as Mandanda’s goal path opens up in front of him, he sees Peres make a perfect tackle to take the ball away from him. It was less than one for Olympique de Marseille, which is on a tightrope in the last few minutes.

23: 43 – Ünder too fair

Peres tears the middle of Feyenoord and gives in front of him to Ünder. The Turk escapes a defender, tries to accelerate but without making the difference. Feeling right, he throws himself on the ground but the referee does not dive into his simulation and gives him a yellow for disputes.

22: 41 – Bad head from Saliba

Ünder wraps at the far post where there is less density and finds Saliba well but the defender has gone too fast and has to take the ball behind his back. He therefore cannot control his gesture and sees his head pass above.

23: 40 – Under between

New change on the Marseille side with the exit of Harit, replaced position for position by Ünder. There are ten minutes left in regulation time for this semi-final second leg of the Europa Conference League.

— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 5, 8761


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