Adibou: the great return of children's games on Android and IOS

Adibou: le grand retour du jeu pour enfant sur Android et IOS The coolest little aliens is back after more than 13 years of absence. Wiloki offers us a mobile game for toddlers that will arouse the nostalgia of the older ones.

A squealing fan, a cd drive spinning at full speed and the Windows interface 70 on a cathode ray screen, we click on our happy cap-capped friend and off we go for colorful and joyful adventures. Adibou is a bit like Proust’s madeleine of thirty-something French-speaking people. Discovered in 1990 thanks to the game Adi (for Intelligent Tutorial Learning) developed by Coktel Vision, this nice young alien and his funny friends brightened up our Wednesday afternoons with their educational and colorful mini-games. The only concern is that our favorite little alien did not survive the era of flat screens, giving us his latest adventure in 2009 before plunging into a somewhat early retirement. But it was then necessary to understand that his little fans were then teenagers or young people and that interest in educational games had greatly dropped. 13 years later, these teenagers have all become adults and sometimes even parents. And it is to this generation that the new Adibou on mobile is aimed. Developed by Wiloki, this mobile application is intended for children aged 4 to 7, which does not prevent you from taking a nostalgic look at it.

Adibou on mobile, what is it?