Apex Legends: new legend, ranked games… What's new in season 13

Apex Legends: nouvelle légende, parties classées... Les nouveautés de la saison 13 Apex Legends is celebrating the arrival of its thirteenth season this May. On the menu, a new legend, a total overhaul of the ranked games, a new battle pass and upheavals on Storm Zone.

In the Battle Royale war, there will only be one left. And it’s very likely to be Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment’s hero-shooter continues to seduce and has exceeded the bar of 100 million players in 2020, and is currently celebrating the start of its thirteenth season. A season marked by the arrival of a new legend in the Arena and by many changes to the Storm Zone map. Add to that a total overhaul of the ranked games mode and you have an almost brand new game. If you want to learn a little more about the new arrivals that are coming with the season 13, we tell you a little more below.

When does the season 13 of Apex Legends?

The season 13 of Apex Legends, admirably named Rescue, will start on 10 next May and will be preceded by several story and gameplay trailers so that we can appreciate the extent of its novelties. For the moment, we have been able to discover the changes affecting the Storm Zone map and part of Newcastle’s skills on video in a gameplay trailer for the season 15.

The trailer of the season