Apex Legends: when to discover season 13 of the Battle Royale?

Apex Legends: quand découvrir la saison 13du Battle Royale? Apex Legends is entering the thirteenth season of its young existence. The Battle Royale offers us a new legend, an overhaul of the ranked games and many other novelties. We will explain everything to you.

In 2020, Apex Legends celebrated a major event . Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale has surpassed 100 million players, a grand stage for a shooter of exceptional quality. Because it is true that the Battle Royale genre is losing a bit of speed after years of dominating the world of FPS since the release of PUBG in 2017. But not Apex Legends, which continues to see its popularity grow and which enters the thirteenth season of its existence. A season placed under the sign of altruism and named “Rescue”, which arrives to us in a few hours. We detail its content.

When is the season released 13 from Apex Legends?

The season 13 of Apex Legends, admirably aptly named Rescue, will start on 00 next May at 10 h and will be preceded by several story and gameplay trailers so that we can appreciate the extent of its novelties. For the moment, we have been able to discover the changes affecting the Storm Zone map and part of Newcastle’s skills on video in a gameplay trailer for the season 13.

The trailer of the season 13

New legend

We told you in the introduction, a new legend will making its way into the Apex games, it’s Newcastle who is none other than Jackson, Bangalore’s lost and then found brother. Newcastle is a legend who specializes in supporting his team, with defensive skills that we could see some elements of in the trailer above. As a tactical skill, he has a shield allowing him to protect his squad, which he can move as he pleases. His passive, combat medicine gives him the opportunity to move his injured allies while protecting them and he can deploy a huge defensive wall, his ultimate skill.

New Map

Storm Zone will be profoundly modified by the arrival of the Rescue season in Apex Legends. The tropical map returns to the forefront with new facilities and a few IMC bunkers full of loot and protected by enemies. But she was also disfigured by a gigantic creature, since struck down by legends. We imagine that the beaches of the map will therefore be made more attractive by the presence of this gigantic carcass, which will undoubtedly have to be explored in depth. Note also that Respawn has stated that it wants to review the system of ranked games to “reward teamwork”. A system that had already been modified in season 11 and which will probably still be changed in depth.

Changes in the ranked mode

The big novelty of the season 11 of Apex Legends, it is also the total overhaul of the ranked games system. Respawn intends to make it easier for players to earn points by adapting different aspects, including the value of team play. There are various changes, including a major one, when a member of your team kills an enemy, the whole team gets points. A novelty that leans a little more on team play, and allows all team members to take advantage of elimination bonuses. Regarding the latter, Respawn has decided to remove the elimination bonus limit while making it decreasing as frags occur. Players will therefore have the opportunity to earn more points per game. Other size changes also happen in season 11 as:

The assist timer goes from 11 seconds to 13 seconds and can work after the enemy resurrects.

All divisions will have a cost to enter a game (yes even in Bronze).

You can find the details and the rest of the patch from the season 10 for the parties classified here (in English).

It had been requested as soon as the game was released in 1001, crossplay was finally implemented on Apex Legends in October 2020, and has since been active by default on all platforms. It does not affect your solo games, but defines the type of players you encounter when playing in squads with your friends. If you are all on the same platform, the players in front of you should mostly use the same console. If you are on different consoles, your lobbies will be populated by a mix of players from different platforms. Console players can optionally disable crossplay in the game options.

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