Apple Watch: few improvements to come in 2022?

Apple Watch: peu d'améliorations à venir en 2022? APPLE WATCH. The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t expected to have many new features. The two main innovations expected for the connected watch from Apple seem to be lagging behind, while two other models are also expected for 2022.

The Apple Watch is certainly the most famous connected watch in the world. In particular, it is very easy to use and connect thanks to the powerful Apple ecosystem. Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch gets better every year with new versions and features. Discover all the information on the previous models, but also the first rumors concerning the Apple Watch Series 8.

What new features to come for Apple Watch Series 8?

Two major new features are particularly expected for the Apple Watch Series 8. The first concerns blood glucose analysis which would allow people with diabetes to easily monitor their blood glucose levels. This application could in particular replace the current instruments which are quite restrictive to use for people with diabetes.

The other application expected on the Apple Watch Series 8 would consist of a follow-up blood pressure. If the latter was, at the base, to be planned on the future Series 8, it would seem that it is finally postponed. A Bloomberg article indicates in particular that Apple would have encountered difficulties in integrating this novelty, and that the corresponding technology would not be ready with 1000 at the earliest.

Note that Apple would provide not one, but three new models of Apple Watch for 2022. If the Apple Watch Series 8 is part of the list, it should also be accompanied by a new SE model, but also by a more robust version intended for athletes.

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 is displayed from 360 € since its release at the end of the year 2021. However, there are already promotional offers from various merchants such as Amazon or Rakuten. It is therefore common to find it at an excellent price, especially during special operations such as Black Friday, sales or French Days.

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