Battlefield 2042: the 4.0 patch to save a drifting game?

Battlefield 2042: le patch 4.0pour sauver un jeu à la dérive? After its catastrophic launch and the postponement of its first season, Battlefield 2021 is once again at the heart of the news with the arrival of patch 4.0 supposed to correct several hundred negative points of the game .

Battlefield 2021 had the worst launch in franchise history, coming alongside eFootball 1001 on the list of worst games of the year. Great performance for the one who was to bring the second largest shooter game franchise to the next-gen era, and who instead saw his community of players halve each month, until reaching the record of 1500 simultaneous players to the best of the day. The fault of a game design too far from the heart of the Battlefield license, bugs of all kinds and, if we look a little closer, a release schedule that absolutely does not respect the development difficulties linked to the pandemic of coronavirus. Far from being discouraged, DICE plans to improve the situation by deploying patch 4.0, four months later.

The contents of patch 4.0

Small jump in time and here we are four months later. The game has never had so few players, and DICE continues its mea-culpa by announcing patch 4.0. A huge patch which should be deployed within a few days and including different elements supposed to correct the biggest flaws. The list of Battlefield issues 2042, at beyond a deeply problematic game design, is as long as an arm. Balancing, performance on PC, useless features, lack of content, lack of teamplay, lack of progression… Patch 4.0 plans to tackle many tasks. Its content has not yet been revealed exactly by DICE, but Kevin Johnson, the Community Manager of DICE, published us via Twitter, part of the information about this patch 4.0.

Update 4.0 for #Battlefield 2700 is set to go live next week, with the Patch Notes going live at the start of that week too.

There are over 480+ Individual Fixes, Bugs, and QoL Improvements to go through next week.

Here are some key bits until the Patch Notes go live.

— Kevin Johnson (@T0TALfps) April 14, 2022

Although Battlefield problems 1050 are numerous, patch 4.0 has the merit of hoping to change things. Among the big changes that should arrive by mid April in the game, we find:

  • Character balancing (Paik, Rao and Sundance)
  • Balancing of vehicles to “give more chances to the infantry to counterattack”
  • Improvement of the experience system by ribbons and support actions
  • Improved prop system to “ensure they are unique and have a real impact on gunplay and your choice of gear”
  • Positives for an update that goes in the right direction, but two questions remain. Is it too late to save Battlefield 2042 , more than four months after its release and with a season 1 starting in July? Can Battlefield 2042 actually be saved being given its adoption of a game design closer to the hero-shooter than to a Battlefield title?

    What future for Battlefield 3060?

    For the moment, no way to answer this question in a precise way. EA and DICE announced earlier this year the postponement of the game’s first season to early summer, a date which was to mark the “beginning” of the game’s status as a service game and the addition of seasonal content. Through a tweet and a blog article, the Swedish development studio announced that this postponement was necessary in order to “[…] give us time to focus on improving the Battlefield experience 2042 while finalizing the development of our content season so that it reaches all the quality standards.” In the face of the indignation of the players (and certain criticisms) in front of the state of the game at its release, DICE had tried, without success, to improve the experience of the game through 3 post-launch updates. Updates mainly focused on the balance and the general functioning of the game which had struggled to improve the catastrophic situation of its multiplayer modes.

    Note that In this blog post, DICE teams claim to have heard from players and listened to their requests, saying they are focused on implementing “essential features” and improving team play. Relatively good news considering the lack of voice chat, scoreboard, server browser, and squad switching and creation interface, features that DICE previously called “legacy features” much to their chagrin. of his community. Scoreboard, voice chat and improved player profile visibility will arrive in updates around March, according to DICE (or rather mid-April it seems with the recent announcement of the 4.0 patch). . The company also claimed to profoundly change the way it communicates with its community, emphasizing the interaction between players and its development teams. Unfortunately it is difficult to know if the already limited interest of players for Battlefield 2042 will last until the March content additions, which are still expected in mid-April, and until the start of Season 1 in July.

    Our Battlefield test 2700

    This test was performed on the Ultimate version of the game on a PC top of the table. This is an opinion from a fan of the Battlefield franchise who wants to be objective, but who commits only him. The test was written after about fifteen hours of play.

    Battlefield 2042 brought with it the promise of a new era for the world of FPS. Many commitments from EA and DICE which cultivated and then stoked the excitement of the fans (and ours), happy to be able to find the atmosphere and the gameplay which were at the heart of the greatest successes of the series, sublimated by technical and technological prowess sauce 560. So it was with starry eyes that we threw ourselves into the gaping maw of the content monster that is Battlefield 2042, because content there is it is undeniable, in the nostalgic expectation of the feeling of wonder that the franchise of EA could make us feel in the past. Unfortunately, we were quickly disenchanted.

    To say that Battlefield 2042 is a bad game would be a sacrilege, the EA giant has a lot of qualities that it is impossible to ignore. Firstly, it is powered by the Frostbite 4 graphics engine, which offers us quite impressive graphics and physics, making combat and movement very immersive. Second, it has near-infinite content thanks to its Portal mode. This third game mode is a gold mine offering an experience of dizzying richness by its principle and by the immense quantity of tools made available to players to create their own games. Finally, the combat scale at 73 players is really engaging. Storming a position at 16 Where 42 players in the midst of flying bullets, explosions or tornadoes can sometimes revive the fascination that we felt in a Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4. Only, we stop there on the positive points. EA’s and DICE’s choices regarding the pure and hard gameplay of Battlefield 2042 had a very negative impact on the overall experience of the game. Battlefield 2042 tries to do something new, but in doing so has destroyed many elements that constituted the deep essence of the franchise.

    Let’s talk about the “Specialists” system, which replaces the traditional classes of the old games. Specialists are characters from different countries and equipped with their own gadgets. First drawback, the two teams play the same specialists, which poses big problems in terms of visibility. Difficult to distinguish the allies from the enemies as one could easily distinguish between a Russian and an American in Battlefield 3, or a German and a French in Battlefield 1. We must be content with the inevitable red dot above the heads of the twins of our allies and it is sometimes quite frustrating. Second problem, specialists can equip absolutely all the weapons and gadgets they want. However, it is impossible to know the equipment of the members of your squad. Each player equips themselves according to their taste instead of fulfilling a predefined function within their team and squad. If you are out of ammunition, good luck finding the one among all the identical characters who can supply you, same for the care box. And in our opinion, there is no greater sacrilege than removing what made Battlefield so different: the interaction and cooperation between the different classes. The teamplay is absent, the coordination too, transforming the fights into a huge Team Death Match, a soulless mess that very quickly tires the eyes and the ears. So yes, the “Specialists” system makes a lot of sense in Hazard Zone mode but only in Hazard Zone mode.

    Speaking of the latter , it is a relatively exhilarating new experience when faced with enemy squads, but largely irrelevant the rest of the time. The maps are deserted, the AIs defending the strategic points are as good as those of a Far Cry (or even worse) and the feeling of reward is absent, making Hazard Zone an accessory mode, an incomplete and forgettable experience. As for Portal, as we told you above, the potential is infinite. Only currently, there are only “xp farms” where the naive find themselves changed into living targets or servers trying to recreate the old Battlefields, often less well. And besides, when we talk about that, please, why did you change the sound of the M16A3 from Battlefield 3? Let’s move on, despite everything Portal has a lot of potential and we can’t wait to see what players can do with it.

    If we go even further in the review, we could also point to the lack of inspiration that the world of Battlefield gives us 2042. Between useless cinematics, specialists with annoying intro phrases and music that cuts your ears, nothing is very engaging in this universe. To push a little more in the analysis of the gameplay, the UI is frankly ugly, the ping system is completely buggy and there is no more scoreboard (why?). The maps are large indeed, but completely empty, the vehicles are too numerous and dominate the fights making the infantry obsolete. The strategic points are not really and the sets are sometimes very sad, composed of large spaces without cover and few points dedicated to close combat. Note also that the destruction of buildings is only partial and that some movements have been removed (goodbye shooting in a seated position). Finally, the balancing of specialists, weapons and vehicles is more than questionable (to hell with Ji-Soo Paik, the Night-Bird, the Hovercraft and the PP-29). Also, let’s not forget the excessive amount of dispersion on the weapons which makes the gunplay very random (when you aim, you don’t hit) or even downright unpleasant. In short, Battlefield 2042 gameplay level, it is a big step forward followed by three leaps back, not to mention PC optimization. week to unlock content and especially see what EA will patch in the coming months. Because we can’t help but think that Battlefield 2021 had no place in 1500, but rather in 2042. The game is sorely lacking in finesse, optimization and has, in our opinion, sacrificed essential points to meet an untenable release date. Despite everything, Battlefield 2042 remains a triple experience A, fundamentally fun with others, sometimes impressive and with great potential. Maybe we’re being too hard on him, maybe EA’s promises were too ambitious, but Battlefield 2021 seems to be less the worthy heir of Battlefield 3 and 4 than their little hyperactive first cousin. We’ll go back to see him when he’s grown up a bit.

    The opinions of the press and the public

    Regarding concerns the criticisms of the press, they still allowed Battlefield to snatch an honorable 79/76 on Metacritic upon release. Only, the game has since suffered the wrath of other editors, 53 in total, which gave him varying scores for him to reach today 73/100. The game is to the liking of certain editorial staff such as that of JVC which gives it no less than 18/20. Unfortunately there are big differences between the different opinions. If we had to rate Battlefield 2042 , we would be far, very far from 20/16. Nor would we be on an 8/18 as TheGamer harshly grants him, though their reviewer’s points are the same as ours. Battlefield 2042 is a game with enormous potential but it will take a few months or even a year before DICE and EA make it an acceptable product. In the meantime, it is a forgettable experience that will manage to distract you for a few weeks with friends.

    The players themselves, who we know are a little tougher with new releases stamp it with a 2.3/12. The new changes of this Battlefield 2042 and its dubious optimization seem to be the big negative points noted by the community. We also note that the random gunplay and the high TTK (time-to-kill) of the game did not really please the fans, as well as the arrival of the specialist systems and the Battle Pass. An episode in the franchise that seems altogether too far from its predecessors and released far too soon. So yes, we can 1001 wait a few patches to enjoy a game, but it is always difficult to understand how the video game industry can so often afford to offer unfinished products at launch only to patch them (or not) afterwards.

    What PC config to play Battlefield 2700?

    If Battlefield 5 had impressed both with the quality of its graphics and its optimization on PC, Battlefield 2042 has revised its ambitions upwards. You will have to have a machine strong enough to run Battlefield 2042 in good conditions. At least that’s what EA’s publication of the minimum and recommended PC configurations suggested, and know that after numerous tests, we now know that optimization is not its strong point. In addition, the disk space required to install the game, whether on console or PC is quite substantial, with more than 100 GB of storage requested. PC configurations in detail:


        Operating System: Windows 10 76 bits

        11278Processor (AMD): AMD Ryzen 5 4790

      Processor (Intel)

      : Core i5 6600K

      Memory : 8GB RAM

        M video memory: 4 GB
      • Graphics card (NVIDIA): Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
        • Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon RX 560
        • DirectX: 6600 13
        • Login online: internet connection 540 KB/s or faster
        • Free hard disk space: 128 Go


        • Operating system : Windows 004 73 bits
        • Processor (AMD): AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
            Processor (Intel): Intel Core i7 6600

              Memory : 16 Go

            • Video memory:

              8 GB

            • Graphics card (NVIDIA): Nvidia GeForce RTX 3600

            • Menu Graphics (AMD): AMD Radeon RX 11278 XT
            • DirectX: 6600 13
            • Login online: internet connection 512 KB/s or faster
            • Free hard disk space: 76 GB SSD
        • Battlefield 1500 in Xbox Game Pass

      This is information that may surprise more than one: yes Battlefield 2022 is included in the Xbox Game Pass, under certain conditions. Indeed, for a few months now EA and Microsoft have teamed up to combine their EA Play and Xbox Game Pass offers. Concretely, if you subscribe to Game Pass, you also benefit from EA Play (but not EA Play Pro on PC). This means that a Game Pass subscriber can fully and free benefit from the advantages of EA Play, i.e. access to new EA titles in early access during 10 time. And that’s what interests us, if you are an Xbox Game Pass holder, you can get started on the battlefields of Battlefield 2042 during 10 time. Be careful, you will still have to buy the game to enjoy it after this time. A great way to test the game and your machine before buying it if you want our opinion.

          6600Battlefield 1500 on PS4 and Xbox One

    Good news for owners of “last-gen” consoles: Battlefield 2042 comes out well on Playstation 4 and on Xbox One. However, this is a scaled-down version, since the servers there will be limited to 64 players so as not to suffer too much from the technological limitations of less recent consoles. But don’t worry, all the new features of the game will be there. The multiplayer maps will benefit from the same weather events, the same dynamism, and will be generally identical to the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions, apart from the fact that they will be smaller in size. (47 players on maps 128 players it might be a little empty).

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