Best tablet 2022: which are the best models?

Meilleure tablette 2022: quels sont les meilleurs modèles? Qu Whether it’s about making it a new work tool, or simply enjoying your multimedia content everywhere, our buying guide is designed to help you select the best tablets of the moment according to several criteria.

There is something for all budgets, with models in all market sectors. Tablet PCs have invaded the market and entry-level models can be found at prices around 360 euros. What about the discounts made by manufacturers and merchants on touch pads? It is clear that all promotions are not equal, that all products offered online are not of the same quality and that some discounts are very clearly more interesting than others. The Apple pioneer is still a benchmark with its iPads, especially the iPad Pro models, but Samsung has also won over many users with its Galaxy Tabs. Other manufacturers have also joined the race, notably Lenovo and Huawei, which are trying to position themselves in the mid-range and entry-level tablet market.

Our buying guide is designed and planned to help you choose the best tablet of the moment according to your needs. We have therefore selected different price ranges and manufacturers in order to leave you with several possible choices. However, several criteria should be remembered when choosing your future tablet.

Best tablets: the criteria to take into account

While some tablets may look alike aesthetically speaking, there are several characteristics to take into account when it comes time to choose your future machine. In order to be sure to select the best possible tablet, we have taken into account several important points:

  • The operating system: if there are fans of iOS and Android, it’s not for nothing. Everyone can prefer one operating system to another, whether it’s the design, the possibilities included with the OS or simply being already used to using it.
  • Screen size: nowadays, tablets are used for watching multimedia content as well as for working. Having a large screen can be a significant comfort for many users.

  • Autonomy: as powerful as a tablet is, it is not very useful if it has to be constantly recharged. We have therefore made sure to recommend products that have a battery capable of supporting you for several hours.
  • Connectivity: some tablets only allow you to connect to your home’s WiFi, while others are able to connect to a cellular network in order to have Internet access at all times.
  • The camera: first thought of as a simple gadget, the photo sensor tablets is increasingly becoming an important criterion when choosing your future tablet.

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