Best VPN: which one to choose? our selection

Meilleur VPN: lequel choisir? Notre sélection BETTER vpn. Increasingly acclaimed for their practicality and ease of use, VPNs are now very numerous on the market. But not all are equal. Discover our selection of the best VPNs on the market, and the best rates currently available.

While they were once reserved for a certain number of expert Internet users, today VPNs are globally recognized and widely used. It must be said that they have some nice assets. In particular, they make it possible to hide your online presence, in order to be certain that no one really knows where your connection is. But this is not their only use! Over the years and the proliferation of offers, VPNs have proven to be powerful tools for entertainment.

Which VPN to use ?

As mentioned above, there are many VPNs, and it can be quite complicated to find your way around. We have nevertheless selected three of the best known of the moment which could well suit your needs. These have very specific characteristics that can help you choose the right one.

NordVPN: the best known

Do we still need to introduce NordVPN today? With a lot of marketing and nominations, NordVPN has made a name for itself among the multitude of services that exist today. With a real graphic identity and quality services, NordVPN is clearly one of the most recognized services in the industry. The latter also has the advantage of being available for a rather low price: €2.89 per month, when it is not affected by promotions! Note that a single NordVPN account allows you to enjoy it on 6 different devices, whether computers or smartphones (Android and iOS). You will be able to take full advantage of the advantages of NordVPN, such as having new content for Netflix and Prime Video.

Surfshark : security at a low price

Surfshark is an ultra-fast and ultra-secure VPN available at a very low price. The latter is a set of cybersecurity tools that aims to make online privacy and security accessible to everyone. Despite its more than affordable package, a subscription covers an unlimited number of devices and the VPN service includes a network of servers Go. Surfshark stands out for its ability to unblock a very large number of Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video catalogs, international replay channels, live sports, etc. Surfshark One is also available for an inexpensive, all-in-one cybersecurity solution: antivirus, VPN, data leak alerts, and private search engine without marketing.

PureVPN: satisfaction or your money back!

Looking for an inexpensive VPN, but you hesitate still whether to crack or not? PureVPN has the advantage of having an offer of 31 days “satisfied or refunded” ! You will be able to test this VPN which has no less than 1500 servers in 78 different countries for your online browsing and the use of your multimedia contents such as Netflix. A single PureVPN account allows you to benefit from simultaneous connections! You can therefore share your subscription with members of your family or circle of friends.

What are the advantages of a VPN?

Among the most common uses for a VPN is the possibility of enjoying more content for your favorite streaming services. If you didn’t know it yet, the content available, in particular on Netflix or Disney +, varies depending on the location of the user. A French Netflix subscriber will therefore not have the same programs as an American subscriber.

Using a VPN can allow you to unlock new content for Netflix and other streaming services. Do you want to see the animated film “SpiderMan: Into the Spiderverse”? The latter is not available on Netflix France, but is in the US! All you have to do is use a VPN and set it to the United States to simulate your location there. You will then have a new catalog of content and your Spider-Man movie!

The other great use of a VPN is to anonymize your data. If you are used to connecting to public networks (Wi-Fi type of a fast food restaurant or a guard), be aware that these are only very insecure. It is easy for a hacker to spy on your activities while you are browsing online.

Using a VPN allows you to anonymize your data. Once your VPN is activated, you will be considered an anonymous entity on the web. You can also simulate your geographical position in another location so that no one knows where you really are. The use of a VPN is particularly recommended when you want to be completely protected when shopping on the net. You will be certain that a hacker is not over your shoulder copying the information from your credit card.

Download Sensitive Files Safely

Perhaps you remember the downloads of so-called Torrents? The latter, often bordering on legality, are generally much more supervised and monitored than in the past. These days, many internet users who download torrents do so with a VPN in support. The VPN allows, once again, to anonymize your data, and therefore not to reveal your online activities.

Enjoy your favorite content even abroad

Do you enjoy watching replay sites like MyTF1 or 6play? It may happen that these typically French sites are entirely limited to use in France. By having a VPN, you will be able to break free from geographical barriers, and take advantage of this type of site while being abroad. Are you currently on vacation in Italy? Simply launch your VPN and simulate your location in France to be able to take full advantage of your favorite sites.

Bypass online censorship

This part is a little more specific, but be aware that some countries carry out strict control of the websites made available on their territory. Using a VPN can allow you to circumvent these limitations, and take full advantage of the global Internet wherever you are located. You will also avoid being potentially spied on by a government service in question.

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