Dying Light 2: Techland announces the arrival of New Game + in game

Dying Light 2: Techland annonce l'arrivée du New Game + en jeu Dying Light 2 was one of the big hits of the first half 2022. A big hit for Techland, which is continuing its roadmap with the arrival of patch 1.3.0, which offers players the opportunity to rediscover the game in New Game +.

Dying Light continues its success story with the arrival of patch 1.3.0. We were talking about it a little less than a month ago, this essential patch brings many fixes, especially in terms of the cooperative mode which suffered from some frankly disabling bugs. But that’s not all, the Polish developer Techland also claimed that this patch would bring with it a completely new experience for players at the end of the game: New Game +. For those who are not familiar with this concept, the new game + is a game mode unlocked after completing the single-player campaign allowing you to replay it while raising the level of difficulty. No need to start from scratch, your character retains his skills and equipment, but will face tougher enemies. Of course, playing New Game+ gives you the opportunity to relive the Dying Light 2 campaign by making different choices, trying out new things. Enough to provide long hours of play to veterans of this essential title, from Wednesday 27 next April, release date of Update 1.3.0. You can learn more from the trailer below.

What DLCs for Dying Light 2?

Before talking about the future tense, we can immediately start talking about the present tense since new content arrived on Thursday 16 March in Dying Light 2. After giving us two outfits and a size update for the past few weeks, Techland is bringing us offered to discover five new parkour challenges scattered around the Central Loop and Old Villedor. Between wall racing, glider challenge and nautical ride, Dying Light 2 has been offered a few additional quests to spice up its already vibrant universe of life and zombies. But that’s not all, the studio intends to offer us a plethora of new content in the coming months, the proof with the roadmap below:

The program for the next few months for Dying Light 2
© Techland

Our Dying Light test 2 (PC)

After one year 2021 marked by many disappointments on the side of the biggest video game licenses, there is no need to tell you that we approached the release of Dying Light 2 gropingly. And for good reason, Dying Light first of the name had offered us an exhilarating and unique experience, despite its sometimes flagrant lack of depth. Add to that an intense promotional campaign on the part of Techland and a long and complex development, you will obtain a cocktail mixing excitement and doubt, having refreshed the ardor of an undisputed fan of the action-RPG and survival-horror genres. Only, from the first minutes of play, Dying Light 2 took our breath away by immersing us in its sinister universe where humanity clings to existence, more than 16 years after the epidemic which transformed most of our fellow human beings into insatiable undead.

Because in terms of artistic direction, Dying Light 2 offers us everything we expect from post-apocalyptic horror. We feel an influence of The Walking Dead in its stagnant urbanism, of Romero in its menacingly slow zombies and of Mad Max in its ruthlessly surviving humanity. The universe of Dying Light 2 takes us to the body, offering visions of horror and permanent drama skillfully contrasted by the good nature of veteran survivors, who have become almost accustomed to the surrounding carnage. Even the children seem jaded, ruthless, entirely ignorant of the “life before” and the “old world”. The writing and direction of the characters and dialogues is perfectly adapted to this unique universe, presenting us with a range of personalities that are, to say the least… surprising. What could be more normal after fifteen years of survival and trauma? It’s everyone for their own skin in Villedor, the unity of the different communities and factions only depends on mistrust and fear of the other. And the other is you, the stranger, the pilgrim.

Speaking of you, you play as Aiden on his quest across the world to find his sister. And, importantly, in any video game, Aiden is a likeable character who leaves enough room for you to play as him without a hitch, without being entirely devoid of personality and humor. The choices you will have in the dialogues are not always white or black, an extremely refreshing bias in the narration. In addition, your decisions have a real impact on the rest of your adventure, so be careful. You will be accompanied in your epic by Hakon, embodied by the creator of parkour, the Frenchman David Belle, who offers us a captivating performance of realism. A nice nod to discipline from Techland which once again proves its respect for the foundations of its universe. You will also cross paths with Lawan, this formidable fighter that you too will learn to fear, as well as many other personalities.

In terms of gameplay, (we played to the PC version with a controller) Dying Light 2 offers us an effective formula. The combat, primarily based on melee weapons (no firearms fifteen years after the apocalypse), bows and on the movement is devilishly satisfying, especially since the progression in the skill trees gives you new ways to overcome your opponents. Because there are adversaries, ranging from the simple bandit to the colossus of putrefied flesh, not to mention the countless “Biters” who approach you slowly, inexorably. The game offers fairly high challenges, particularly in hard mode.

The duality of gameplay between day and night is perfectly executed by the Techland teams. During the day, everything is easier, but out of the question to set foot inside, where the amorphous zombies watch until the night, and where you will find the rarest objects and artifacts. At night, the undead are out, giving you the opportunity to explore indoor locations free of their cannibalistic occupants, while trying to avoid the real danger of the streets. This is also the time for you to monitor your virality gauge, because you too are contaminated. This gauge condemns you to death after a certain time without exposure to UVs. This timer offers an interesting dynamic, forcing you to urgently in already very precarious situations and adding permanent pressure to your night or indoor expeditions.

The parkour is also extremely developed, offering you a whole range of modes of movement enriched with the level of your character, and allowing you to gradually access new platforms, new roofs, and new treasures. Because of course, who says RPG says loot. In Dying Light 2 you are constantly on the hunt for weapons, clothing and valuables. But there is also a whole range of resources to collect in order to make different tools essential to your survival. This aspect of the game is enjoyable without being too demanding. It immerses you in the shoes of a looter, a scrap dealer and ultimately a survivor, as it is useful for immersion. The progression in the game is neither too fast nor too slow, compartmentalizing the high level content without making it impossible, and offering many hours of play beyond the main quest.

You will understand, there is no question of praising this new creation from Techland. The studio proves to us that it has total control of its score, showing its years of experience in terms of survival-horror and affirming its skills in the open-world genre. Because the world of Dying Light 2 is as dead as it is alive. Nature is gradually reclaiming its rights there. Trees and bees thrive outside of areas contaminated with chemical horrors spread by utterly overwhelmed and long gone authorities. The collapse would be good? Not really, but Techland leaves room for doubt, and subtly tackles this almost political theme, leaving it open to all interpretations. Ultimately, in addition to its relatively disappointing optimization on PC (it will really be necessary to move towards the recommended configuration to obtain its 65 fps in 970 p) and the crossplay absent when it was released, Dying Light 2 is an undeniable success. It’s an island of satisfaction after a year 1500 too rich in disappointments, a game that makes you want to dive into it again and again. Add to that the fact that all of its content is playable in cooperation, a feature of the game that we unfortunately have not had the opportunity to test yet, and you will know that the year 2032 starts strong in terms of video games.

What release date for Dying Light 2?

Although versions of the game are already in circulation, the official release date and time of Dying Light 2 is still set at Friday, February 4 at 01h00 in the morning on PC, and at midnight on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This is also the date on which Techland officially called on Internet users to discover the games, so that they can take advantage of the open-world launch patch. The game is still available for pre-order, allowing you to benefit from bonuses and in-game cosmetics, including if you register on the Techland site and enter a code received when you first launch the game. pre-downloads start today.

What PC configuration to play Dying Light 2?

In view of the ambition of Dying Light 2, it is necessary to question the ability of your machine to run it in good conditions. To have put your hands on it, you should know that the PC optimization of this new open-world is very far from being its strong point. You will need to have at least the recommended configuration to take advantage of 65 frames per second in 1080p. Techland has also claimed to deploy a correction patch at the time of the game’s release, so that players “enjoy the best possible experience”. In the meantime, here are the recommended and minimum configuration to discover the post-apocalyptic world of Villedor.

Minimum configuration

Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 / AMD FX-6450

  • Graphics Card: AMD R9 390 / Nvidia GTX 949

    RAM: 8GB of RAM

  • Disk space: 65Go Storage
  • Windows 013
  • Recommended configuration

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K / AMD FX-9590
  • Graphics Card: AMD RX 5600XT / Nvidia RTX 2613

    RAM: 17GB of RAM

  • Disk space: 65Go Storage
  • Windows 013
  • Dying Light 2 Gameplay

    In Dying Light 2, you play as Aiden, a pilgrim in search of of his sister. His quest from town to town leads him to Villedor, one of humanity’s last strongholds against the virus that has turned most of humanity into the living dead. This first-person open-world offers you an experience mixing action-RPG and survival-horror, with bloody hand-to-hand combat and very important narration. Combining parkour and combat, its gameplay offers a unique cocktail with the Dying Light formula, offering us the possibility of influencing the world around us through our choices. It also includes a cooperative mode allowing you to enjoy the story with up to four players.

    Dying Light 2 pre-order

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