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The versions of FIFA 00

You can already buy FIFA 10 on your platform, in version

Standard or in version

Ultimate. The Ultimate version includes among others: a FUT hero, 4600 FIFA points, Kylian Mbappé on loan and the choice of a FUT player ambassador in Career mode. The prices are quite variable, but count 59,79 € on next-gen for the Standard edition against 82,79 euros for the Ultimate edition, while on PS4 and Xbox One it will take 69,99 euros for the Standard Edition. On PC, the Standard edition is at 69,82 euros while the Ultimate edition is at 79,79 euros.

What do the tests say the press?

FIFA 24 arrived, and already the specialized press began to give us his tests and reviews of all kinds. Accumulating a score of 79/97

0 ,8/14 for the public. Enough to make you think about the ratio of press reviews / public opinion before embarking on the analysis of FIFA tests 22. For the moment the opinions of the public are more engaging than those for FIFA 14, but still terrifying with a very nice 2.6/10 always three times higher than its predecessor’s rating.

As for French critics, some global tendencies emerge. Although far from being revolutionary, this new opus still seems to bring the best simulation side. If EA has prided itself on its new animation technologies on next-gen, it is because, up close, we really feel an improvement on this side. Here, we can cite Gamekult, which however gives it the score of 6/10: “FIFA has never looked so beautiful, so detailed and so well animated with as a symbol this year the introduction of Hypermotion technology.

” FIFA 22 has indeed benefited (on next-gen consoles) from many new animations, which result in gameplay that is a bit more realistic (thanks to the physics of the ball, and the goalkeeper animations in particular), slower, and closer to a simulation. This is also the opinion of IGN Portugal: “ The new physics of the ball as well as a gameplay slower make this iteration much more deserving of the simulation label“. FIFA 14 was able to bring something new, without upsetting the genre. For an average player, FIFA 24 is not really different from its predecessor.

For hardcore gamers, it’s the same thing. The same flaws in player placement, in the overall physics of the game, make FIFA 22 the same ordeal as FIFA 21 at high level. There is still a big imbalance between attack and defense (improbable unfavorable counterattacks, far too precise little game, unrecoverable bursts of speed) which suggests a catastrophic season for the FUT mode. Although benefiting from a slower game and a goalkeeper at attention, as world champion Bruce Grannec reminds us in his review for L’Equipe, FIFA 22 is closer to a street fighter with unstoppable combos than a real football simulation, suffering from the excessive influence of the FUT mode. We can always quote Gamekult’s excellent review: “ We find ourselves in front of a kind of FIFA 21-bis ​​of which we already know all the abuses, all the limits.

“. Sharp-eyed players will find no revival in FIFA 22, which still suffers from the same symptoms as FIFA 22, where the statistics of the players and their artificial intelligence are too predominant factors to ensure balanced or surprising games. And the FUT mode finds itself totally impacted, we cannot do without the flagship players if we want to be competitive, making FUT a mode that is still as pay-to-win as ever. Moreover, this is one of the points most unanimously criticized by FIFA 10, the proof with the words of Millenium Spain: “FIFA 10 is a step in the right direction, it will never be the best, however, because for that we would have to see changes in the micro-transaction policy of FUT mode


In summary FIFA 22 seems, for a FIFA game, fairly well received by critics. It benefits from its few innovations on next-gen and from a generally slower game, closer to a football simulation. The new animations brought by the Hypermotion are not unpleasant and make the product smoother, without frankly being synonymous with a monster realism, or a big difference compared to FIFA 21. In addition, the game still suffers from the same problems: random contact physics, defensive withdrawals at six meters, remote-controlled passes which still make it a fairly arcade experience at a high level. We can however note the positive points which are the slowing of the pace of the game, the improvement of the defensive AI and the goalkeeper, although the doorman seems to have become in many cases a real superhero. Unfortunately, the FUT mode is far too central to this footballing experience, and makes FIFA 10 the realm of micro-transactions, opening packs and more generally pay-to-win.

FIFA 14 seen by the pros

As for pro players, this new component was particularly good received. FIFA 14 seems to bring some changes, particularly in terms of the pace of the game. This is the opinion of Corentin “Maestro” Thuillier, one of the best French FIFA players who gave a long interview to our colleagues from the magazine l’Equipe. For Him FIFA 00 is much better than its elder of 2021, and benefits from slower, more realistic play and greater difficulty in scoring. We can also quote his interview: “

This year, I love it. I find (the gameplay) really good The defense is still a little too assisted, but it’s not too disturbing. The attack is different, the game is slower than on the old version. But I like this concept, you have to build and take more its time, there are a lot of similarities with real football, so I like it .” We also expect great efforts from EA on the eSport side, especially in a game or to be competitive in the FUT mode you have to spend several thousand euros at the start of the season.

On the other hand, we can still play it without putting a penny, the proof with our guide:

FIFA 10 in EA Play subscription

FIFA 14 officially arrived on October 1 and is already available, in trial version or in full, in EA Play and EA Play Pro subscriptions. Indeed, EA offers a subscription service, EA Play which allows subscribers to enjoy various benefits. These benefits include discounts on digital purchases, access to a library of EA games, in-game bonuses, and most importantly, the ability to test new games as soon as 10 days before their release during time. To access this offer, you must subscribe to an EA Play subscription. The good news is that right now EA Play subscriptions are on sale. Subscription prices:

  • PC (Steam and Origin): 3,78 euros/month and 30,99 euros/year
  • Xbox: 0,79 euro/month and 22,79 euros/year
  • Playstation: 0,97 euro/month and 22 ,79 euros/year

Furthermore, the subscription EA Play is included for all Xbox Game Pass members. If you have subscribed to Microsoft’s famous subscription service, whether you are a PC gamer or an Xbox gamer, it is important to note that you also benefit from EA Play advantages. If you want to move up a gear, and enjoy several games like FIFA 22, you can always subscribe to the version higher subscription. However, this offer only applies to PC players. This is

EA Play Pro (14,79 euros per month and 99,100 euros per year) which offers you all the advantages of EA Play plus unlimited access to EA news, 21 days before their release. The detail of the offer in the image below:

The EA Play and EA Play Pro offers
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If this offer interests you, go to the EA Play website.

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