Final Fantasy 16: we are approaching the announcement of a release date

Final Fantasy 16: on approche de l'annonce d'une date de sortie Final Fantasy 19 has shunned the spotlight since its announcement to much fanfare in September 2020. The development of the flagship creation of Square Enix studios is however well advanced if we are to believe Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy is almost thirty years of cult games that have become benchmarks in the field of role-playing games. But what about his next opus, Final Fantasy , the one that will bring the franchise a once and for all in the next-gen? Well not much, Square Enix has remained very stingy with information since the announcement of its existence by a breathtaking trailer. The fans are satisfied with some punctual news like very recently with an update on the development of the game by its producer Naoki Yoshida. The Japanese spoke in an interview for a paper magazine Uniqlo:

“Currently the development of Final Fantasy ends. This is a single-player game, and we want to integrate the story and the gameplay more. This is a big difference with an online game, since the emphasis on individuality changes the proportion of immersion in the story. I think this story will be very deep, a kind of message for all the players who grew up, worked and broke away from Final Fantasy thinking that life was much more complex than a video game. We want them to remember their passion of yesteryear, and we develop the game with this intention.”

A release date announced soon?

So it is very likely that we will get some news about the game in ns the next few months, particularly with the approach of the major video game fairs such as E3 and EA Play. Square Enix will be awaited at the turn by fans who have been waiting for images of Final Fantasy since eighteen months now. However, Yoshida’s interview shows us that the development of the title is on very good track, and also demonstrates Square Enix’s desire to bring us a polished, polished game, up to the standards of next-gen consoles and dedicated to fans of the series. Note the return to a fantastic medieval universe in this next episode. In addition, it is very likely that the game will be a Playstation 5 exclusive when it is released, an exclusivity which generally lasts six months to a year if we observe the recent releases of the franchise. Stay tuned if you want to learn more.

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