Fortnite: the Cannes Film Festival invites itself to Fortnite

Fortnite: le festival de Cannes s'invite dans Fortnite Great novelty in Epic Games’ flagship game, the most prestigious film festival can be discovered virtually by all players, from 17 to 18 next May.

If Fortnite is undoubtedly a pillar of video game culture among young and old, nothing prevents it from gaining a little height and get involved in high standing events. This is the case in this month of May with the arrival of the Cannes festival in the famous Battle Royale. Yes, the most prestigious of cinema awards ceremonies is inviting itself into the multiverse of the nugget of Epic Games. Where, when and how? We give you all the answers.

The Cannes Film Festival in Fortnite?

Who has never dreamed of walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival? An idea has germinated in the premises of Brut, new media partner of the Croisette, the idea of ​​providing teenagers and young people with the opportunity to discover the world of cinema in a game that speaks to them. That’s why Epic Games and Brut have teamed up to offer players the opportunity to climb the steps of the festival virtually in Fortnite. Festival locations will be recreated in-game and open to all players wishing to participate in the event. They will also be able to benefit from quests to earn bonuses by interviewing actors and answering certain social questions. A good way to make young people aware of cinema and the problems of today’s world. These activities will be present in game from 10 to 18 may next.

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