Gotham Knights: coop mode, gameplay … Warner Bros presents everything to us this Tuesday

Gotham Knights: mode coop, gameplay... Warner Bros nous présente tout ce mardi Gotham Knights offers us an abyssal dive into Gotham after Batman. An adventure that we guess dark and grandiose, and of which we explain everything to you.

Batman is dead and Gotham is crying, bruised by the crime that is eating away at her from the inside. It is in this rather sinister context that four young heroes are called upon to take the place of the Dark Knight, in an epic and unprecedented adventure developed by Warner Bros Games. Gotham Knights is coming current 2022, it’s an open-world, co-op RPG where you’ll have the opportunity to fight and hold at bay Gotham’s most wanted criminals, unleashed after the death of Bruce Wayne. This project originally presented at the August DC Fandom 2020 was originally planned for the year 2021. Only, the health crisis having greatly impacted the video game industry, its release was finally set at 10 next October. Release date, gameplay, trailers… We summarize everything you need to know about Gotham Knights.

A co-op mode in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights offers us a dive into the sinister world of Gotham City, a universe full of danger in which to fight the crime alone can be complex. This is why the game will fully integrate a two-player co-op mode. We could even push the plug a little further, hoping for a cooperation mode for up to four players, information from the Playstation Store, which has since been corrected (back to two players max). But the game will be presented to us live this Tuesday in a gameplay sequence of several minutes, the opportunity for Warner Bros Games to confirm the extent of the cooperation mode.

What is the release date for Gotham Knights?

Initially announced two years ago years, Gotham Knights saw its release penalized both by the health crisis and its intention to cover two generations of consoles at the same time. Indeed, Gotham Knights is scheduled to be released on both Playstation 5, PC and Xbox Series X|S, and both on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A promise that can lead to development difficulties for the game to comply with the technical specificities of old consoles. Only now Warner has finally announced the official release date of the game, the 10 next October.