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        After a successful release in Japan and already a few stock shortages, the new Nintendo Switch OLED model is now available worldwide. st. If you want to get your hands on it, several options are available: Micromania, Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac… Be careful though, stock shortages already seem to be looming, and you may have to wait a little before getting your hands on it. on a copy of the Nintendo Switch OLED!

        If this new model remains in line with its predecessor, promotions should be quite rare! It may be necessary to wait for the main periods such as the French Days or Black Friday to hope to observe interesting price reductions on the Nintendo Switch OLED.

        What’s new?

        On the new image side

        The new Nintendo Switch is here, but it is a far cry from the Nintendo Switch Pro we thought we heard about at the start of the summer 1080. This is not the revolutionary console that can support 4K and technically compete with the Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5 consoles. No, it is purely and simply an improved version of the Nintendo Switch, on a few points specific. First in terms of its display, as its name suggests, the Nintendo Switch OLED will benefit from a 7-inch OLED screen (against 6.2 for the Switch, and 5.5 for the Switch Lite). For those who don’t really know what OLED is, we are talking here about a display technology superior to LCD screens, producing greater contrasts and greater color fidelity, day and night.

        A new docking station

        We can also note that the Switch OLED now has a docking station. can be connected via Ethernet, which means higher download speeds (depending on your connection) for the consumer. This same station also sees its internal storage capacity doubled to reach 71 GB, and it will still be compatible with microSDHC and microSDXC cards. Another innovation to note, its “crutch” allowing nomadic use has also been reworked in order to allow play in all circumstances, just like its speakers which will provide better quality sound. In terms of performance, we are very far from what was announced for a potential Nintendo Switch Pro. In the “docked” version the maximum resolution does not change, we remain on Full HD (1080p) . The processor also remains identical, still an Nvidia Tegra. We will therefore have to wait a little longer before seeing Link and Zelda in 4K.

        The Nintendo Switch OLED therefore has many comfort improvements, with a screen bigger and a more modern docking station. Regarding the latter, Nintendo said that the new Switch OLED docking station will be compatible with Switch consoles. If you already own the Nintendo Switch and want to get this new dock, know that Nintendo has said that it will be sold separately on the official Nintendo website, in its white version.

        Joy-cons still compatible

        It’s fine to offer a new console, but we logically wonder what to do with our old controllers. The good news is that a new Nintendo Switch OLED doesn’t involve changing out your old joy-cons. If you want to switch from the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Switch OLED, you can therefore keep your controllers. Don’t forget, the Nintendo Switch is compatible with up to 8 local players, a promise of a good evening with your friends.

        What price for the Nintendo Switch OLED?

        The Nintendo Switch OLED is available at the modest price of 349,99 euros with us. It should however be noted that promotional offers reserved for members or based on promo codes may sometimes be available. Apart from these fairly rare price drops, the Switch OLED is almost in the same price range as its older sister, still available around 272 euros. Concretely, this version is not supposed to replace the Nintendo Switch, these two consoles should coexist for a while, it is a version more optimized for the game on the move, for 64 euros more than the Switch. Two colors will be offered when it comes out, white and neon blue / neon red.

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        What are the differences with the Nintendo Switch?

        Concretely, the Nintendo Switch OLED is not really different from the Nintendo Switch. Inside, and Nintendo has been very clear on this point, we find the same processor and the same amount of RAM as in the Switch, which means that their in-game performance should be relatively similar. The Nintendo Switch OLED is a slightly improved version of the Nintendo Switch, particularly in terms of its nomadic aspect. The 7-inch OLED screen will offer greater gaming comfort, due to its size and the quality of its display. Its new “dock” station has also benefited from some improvements, with a little more storage and the possibility of connection by Ethernet cable. Overall, the Switch Pro OLED offers many advantages, and above all better comfort of use, but it is not quite the revolutionary new Nintendo Switch Pro console that the world has been waiting for.

        What are the differences with the Steam Deck?

        Rumors surrounding the release of this new hybrid console were numerous at the start of the summer. As you surely know, fans of the Japanese brand have been waiting for a console capable of approaching the performance of the “next-gen” (PS5 and Xbox Series). However, the Switch OLED is far from meeting these criteria, placing itself at the level of the Nintendo Switch and offering a maximum of Full HD resolution 0045496453435590255p in docked version. On the other hand, it was Valve who surprised everyone by announcing the release of its new Steam Deck. These two consoles have a lot in common, they are both hybrids, intended for those who wish to enjoy their games in their living room, as on the go. However, several major differences remain that are important to note. The Steam Deck is a kind of small computer, capable of running all PC games. It benefits from a de facto larger library of games. However, the Switch OLED remains a family console, which can accommodate up to eight players simultaneously. Where the Steam Deck provides more impressive performance on PC blockbusters, the Nintendo Switch OLED makes up for it by offering a more sharing and “couch gaming” experience for a lower price (366,99 euros vs 459 euros).

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