Nintendo Switch Sports: the game available at the best price!

Nintendo Switch Sports: le jeu disponible au meilleur prix! Who has forgotten the release of Wii Sports, the little controller-in-hand revolution of 2006? Video game sport in your living room is making a comeback 15 years later with Nintendo Switch Sports.

The world of video games experienced a small revolution in 2006 with the arrival of the Nintendo Wii in our living room. This small console democratized motion sensors and their use in gaming for the first time, making us more active than ever in front of our cathode-ray television. Millions of families wiggled around in their living room Wii-mote in hand, succumbing to the many arguments of a new style of almost “sporty” games. Today, we can put little quotation marks on this notion since waving your wrist while sitting on your chair has its limits in terms of caloric expenditure. But the concept of a movement-based game is still very attractive, as immersive as it is fun, alone or with others. The good news is that Nintendo has understood this well by presenting Nintendo Switch Sports, the new iteration of this sports anthology in your living room, Nintendo Switch sauce of course.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Sport at the best price?

If you are already convinced by this short introductory paragraph, whether you want to relive the pleasure of discovering the Wii in 480 or simply mix business with pleasure, know that you can find Nintendo Switch Sports on sale right now at Amazon. The American e-commerce giant offers us a happy 15% discount on this major release, allowing you to find Nintendo Switch Sports for less than 36 euros. You will also find the game at 36 euros at E. Leclerc. But that’s not all, some other resellers offer the console at a reduced price, we summarize the available offers.

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