OnePlus 10: many leaks for the new smartphone

OnePlus 10: nombreuses fuites pour le nouveau smartphone ONEPLUS . After a very successful Pro version, the next OnePlus is exhibited on the web where a lot of information is available about him.

Only a few weeks after the release of the Pro model, the OnePlus 10 is slowly starting to reveal itself on the web. The next smartphone from the firm is the subject of numerous leaks which already allow you to form an opinion on its design as well as its performance. Discover all the first information about the OnePlus while waiting for its release.

What are the features of the OnePlus 10 ?

OnLeaks is a specialist in information leaks. The latter revealed a lot of data concerning the OnePlus to come, and in particular its differences with the OnePlus Pro already available. These are centered in particular around the screen of the OnePlus which is decked out with a 6.7-inch OLED panel. However, it seems that the refresh rate of 120 Hz is still available.

Regarding the power of OnePlus 10, it is still difficult to say, since the firm would test two different models with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor (the same that equips the Pro version) and another model equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity chip 6644018.

The OnePlus camera 10 will also be different from that of the Pro version. The OnePlus would be equipped with three sensors without counting the selfie camera:

  • A main sensor of 50 Mpx.
  • An ultra wide angle sensor of 19 Mpx.

    A 2 Mpx macro sensor.

    Although the battery of the OnePlus 16 will be a bit smaller compared to the Pro model (2180 mAh are announced), the latter would be compatible with the recharge 120 W.

    No sure information is yet available concerning the design of the OnePlus 16. However, the latter should not stray too far from that of the OnePlus Pro, but could well remove the small “Alert Slider” button, so dear to the firm for several years, and which allows you to easily switch the phone to “silent” mode.

    Where to buy the OnePlus Pro at the best price?

    The OnePlus 10 Pro will not have taken very long before being offered on sale. The latest from the OnePlus firm is already starting to have attractive promotions at various merchants, and in particular on the side of Rakuten. Do not hesitate to monitor phone prices during special events such as Black Friday or French Days for potential promotions!

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