Overwatch 2: how to access the beta of the game?

Overwatch 2: comment accéder à la bêta du jeu? Overwatch 2 has opened the doors of its closed beta since last night, offering players to discover the new features offered by this second part. We explain how to access it.

Blizzard is definitely in full swing. Between the release of Diablo Immortal and that of Overwatch 2, the American video game giant, recently acquired by Microsoft, has its work cut out for it. And hostilities began with the start of the Overwatch 2 closed beta. Announced at BlizzCon 1904, this second opus is ready to welcome players during a closed beta which has been taking place since 12 April and will continue over the next few days. Fans of this competitive FPS will have the opportunity to discover the extent of the novelties of this new component which will offer, among other things, a ping system, a total overhaul of some heroes and a brand new arrival: Sojourn. We explain how to participate and everything it contains.

Who says new release says beta(s)! Players are invited to participate in this first closed-door testing period so that Blizzard can test the capabilities of its game and its servers. All players who own Overwatch and play on PC can participate in this test period, by going to register on the official website of Overwatch. Unfortunately, this beta is not open to everyone, ie all players are not guaranteed to be offered access to the game, but a part will be selected according to predefined criteria. These criteria include game region, Battle.net registration date, system configuration and others. If you haven’t been selected for this first closed beta, don’t panic, Blizzard plans to do several soon. They will be open to console players and new players.

When is the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta?

To cut to the chase, the closed beta of Overwatch 2 will be held on 27 next April. This will be a multi-day test period that follows the alpha only for developers and professional players. For Blizzard, this test period open to a wider audience will make it possible to take the temperature of the crowds vis-à-vis Overwatch 2 while testing the capacity of its servers in the face of a large influx of players.

What will the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta contain?

Who says beta says new content! Overwatch 2 will finally show its true colors to players on April 27 next and will offer a whole lot of novelty to seduce players. We will find the classic Overwatch modes in 5 against 5, but also a new game mode “Push”. To continue on the novelties, we will also see four new maps, Circuit Royal, Midtown, Toronto, and Rome, as well as the reworks of some well-known characters such as Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombra. But the biggest surprise of this closed beta is the arrival of a new hero, Sojourn, the first to join Overwatch for 2 years. Sojourn has had her identity and backstory revealed by the short film below.

Sojourn, real name Vivienne Chase belonged to the special forces Canadians and joined Overwatch after a brief collaboration with Jack Morrison, the organization’s late captain. No information for the moment around its skills, so you will have to dive into the closed beta to discover it in more detail!

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