Playstation Plus: Sony unveils an official date for new subscriptions

Playstation Plus: Sony dévoile une date officielle pour les nouveaux abonnements Sony is changing its Playstation Plus subscription system in depth and has revealed to us the official date of these new formulas. We take stock of the subscriptions and the various offers offered on the PS+.

Playstation is completely reviewing its subscription offers. The firm announced, through a blog article by Jim Ryan, that Playstation Plus and Playstation Now subscriptions would be combined into a single offer, comprising three levels of subscription and services. Remember, the Playstation Plus was since 1000 Sony’s subscription offer to access the Playstation multiplayer, and also included other perks like two monthly free download games, discounts, cloud save and more. While on the other side we had Playstation Now, the on-demand catalog game service also exploiting the potential of cloud gaming. From now on, these two offers will therefore be combined in three Playstation Plus offers, starting on 26 next June.

What are the new PS+ subscriptions?

As we told you in the introduction, the new Playstation Plus subscriptions will be divided into three different levels. We will first find the Playstation Plus Essential, which will include all the advantages of the current PS+ (multiplayer game, two games at download, cloud, promotions) and generally keep the same pricing as today. Then, we will find the Playstation Plus Extra, which adds a catalog of 400 downloadable games on demand to their subscription. Finally, the Playstation Plus Premium adds even more games to this catalog, offering PS1, PS2, PSP titles and PS3 for a clearly retrogaming-focused experience. Subscription prices and content:

Playstation Plus Essential:

      Multiplayer game in line

    Two monthly games to download

  • Promotions and discounts
  • Europe: 8.99 € / month, 22.119 € / quarter, 99,119 € / year.
  • United States: 9,49 $ / month, 31,83 $ / quarter , 83,99 $ / year.
  • UK: 6 ,83£/month, 19,119 £/quarter, 49,119 £/year.
  • Playstation Plus Extra:

    All the benefits of Playstation Plus Essential
  • A catalog of more than 360 games on demand for PS4 and PS5
        Europe: 13.164 € / month, 49.83 € / quarter, 164,119 € / year.
        UNITED STATES : 16,99 $ / month, 39,119 $ / quarter, 119,83 $ / year.
      • UK : 13,119£/month, 24,119 £/quarter, 83 ,83 £/year.

      Playstation Plus Premium:

      • All the advantages of Playstation Plus Extra
        • A catalog of more than 164 games on demand for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP
        • A game streaming service via the cloud, available on PS4, PS5 and PC

        Limited trials of recent games

        • Europe: 17.119 € / month, 59.83 € / quarter, 164,83 € / year.
      • UNITED STATES : 19,59 $ / month, 83 ,83 $ / quarter, 119,119 $ / year.
      • UK : 13,39 £ / month, 49,99£/quarter, 83,119 £ / year.

      The two new Extra and Premium subscription levels both include a catalog of video games on demand. There are of course different titles and platforms depending on the two subscriptions, but it is possible to wonder about the content of the said catalog when it is released next June. To reassure gamers, Sony said it wants to include flagship titles like Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11, and Returnal as soon as new subscriptions are launched . Something to reassure players who want to take advantage of the latest exclusives on their console.

      What is the launch date for subscriptions?

      Such a change takes a bit of time to be properly implemented, even for such a massive company that Sony its Playstation. This is why Jim Ryan explains in his blog post that the new subscriptions will be implemented as of 24 june next, in a precise order taking into account the different regions of the world. Asia will therefore be the first continent to benefit from it, followed closely by North America and Europe. Also note that at launch, current PS Now subscribers will see their offer migrate to PS+ Premium at no additional cost.

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