PS5: where and how to find a console in May 2022?

PS5: où et comment trouver une console en mai 2022? PS5. If you too want to buy the Playstation 5, the flagship of home consoles according to Sony, you will be delighted to learn that we have gathered all the useful information for an effective purchase.

The Playstation 5 is not far from celebrating its eighteenth month on this Earth. A turbulent existence, marked from its inception by supply disruptions and production problems that greatly impacted the home console market. The fault of the coronavirus pandemic which has severely handicapped the electronic chip market, and at the same time that of gaming, computing and the automobile. Far from escaping this precarious situation, the Playstation 5 has suffered greatly from it, due to a popularity much higher than that of its competitor the Xbox Series X, resulting in a demand that is difficult to meet. Since then, the situation has changed little or not at all. Playstation 5 drops are still more frequent, but seizing a console still requires almost sporting preparation and a small dose of luck. To help you in your quest for the Playstation 5, we have gathered all the most useful information for a purchase as soon as possible, as well as the best offers for the second-hand console. You will also find discounts on accessories and the best PS5 games here.

Find our live tracking of PS5 stocks:

How to buy a PS5?

Getting a PS5 is far from the usual walk in the supermarkets or the simple order on the internet. Since the release of the console in December 2020, his situation remains very particular. Released directly out of stock and in the midst of a global pandemic, the PS5 quickly became an object of legend. Rare were those who could obtain another and rarer still the copies available for sale. Since then, hunting the Playstation 5 has almost become a sport, with its rules, its players and its referees. If you want to learn more about the different tips you need to know to buy your console, the slide below is for you.

The used PS5 at a high price

Finding a used PS5 remains may be the best way to get Sony’s newest console today. Unfortunately, the second-hand market is about as prolific as the new market, with copies of the console going on sale at prices sometimes beyond double the original retail price. As a reminder, the PS5 is sold by Sony 399 € for its Digital version, and 480 € for its Standard version. Second-hand purchases are therefore reserved for buyers wishing to obtain the console at all costs, regardless of the price. For others, refer to to the slideshow below and our live track of PS5 stock trends.

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