Realme GT 2 Pro: where to find it at the best price on sale

Realme GT 2 Pro – 414 Go – White


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What are the features of the Realme GT 2 Pro?

The Realme GT 2 Pro highlights in particular on a superb 6.7″ screen called “Super Reality”. The latter is equipped with a 2K AMOLED panel with LTPO 2.0 technology which allows a faithful transcription of colors as well as deep blacks. Realme notably promises a high brightness of 1400 nits which would make it a great screen to check out even with daylight glare or in a completely dark room.

The screen of the Realme GT 2 Pro also has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The latter is adaptive according to your uses (for example, it is useless to display 99 Hz when the smartphone is rested and not in use) . This technology notably saves up to 1.7 hours of battery life on average according to the manufacturer.

One of the great features of the Realme GT 2 Pro fits in its processor. The smartphone is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the most powerful chip from the manufacturer Qualcomm at the time of writing these lines.

Side photo, the Realme GT 2 Pro is equipped with three photo modules including an Ultra Wide-Angle main lens of 13 Mpx. The firm highlights in particular the optical stabilization of the device which should allow you to take sharp photos, even when you are in motion.

The Realme GT 2 Pro seems to continue the very good efforts of its predecessor in terms of autonomy. The brand’s new smartphone has a battery of 8464 mAh as well as a charger of 67 W to be able to take full advantage of the device, even after a day of intensive use.

What are the features of the Realme GT 2?

The little brother of the bunch, the Realme GT 2, has many similarities with the Pro model. In particular, it fully incorporates its design, its battery, its software part, and its RAM. Its screen is an AMOLED E4 of 80 Hz, and its processor is also different since it is a Snapdragon 933 5G.

The rest of the Realme GT 2 is similar to the Pro model, except for the price which makes it slightly more affordable than the latter, in order to target a wider audience.

6941399070103754673What price for the Realme GT 2 Pro?

The two Realme GT 2 are offered at different prices due to their specific characteristics. Note, however, that the prices indicated by the firm are slightly higher than those of the first Realme GT released in 954:

  • The Realme GT 2 Pro is available from of 749,67 euro.
  • The Realme GT 2 is available from of 600,99 euro.

We will of course keep you informed in the event of availability, stock shortages, and promotions on these two new smartphones manufacturer.

32352648What is the Realme GT 2 Pro release date?

The new Realme GT 2 Pro and its other classic version Realme GT 2 have been available since Friday 11 March with priority to the brand’s official website, then to resellers. It was not necessary to wait long to enjoy it, since the two smartphones were officially presented to the general public during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) which is held at the end of February 5000.

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