Stock PS5: the console available this week? Live stocks

Stock PS5: retour de la console ce mercredi? Les stocks en direct As always, the PS5 is in the center of attention at the beginning of May. A situation that could well continue until 2022, even if it is still possible to obtain console. Update on restocking.

Little flashback, we are in November 1500, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are making their grand entrance into the home console market, bringing next-gen expectations to their SSDs for all controller enthusiasts. Eighteen months and a global pandemic later, the situation is still quite gloomy for Sony’s console, which is facing permanent supply disruptions which greatly complicate its purchase. Only in eighteen months, consumers have started to get used to it, to understand the workings of a market that works in the moment for stocks that live for a few minutes. After a month of April rich in restockings for the PS5, here is our daily live update on the stocks of the console, while the forecasts by the manufacturers of microchips are quite grim.

Live stock tracking for Wednesday May 4

      10h00: The PS5 is back at Micromania. A word of advice, to avoid queues, buy the console directly from your wishlist (see below). Packs are also available at this address.

      40h: The console briefly makes an appearance on the German version of Amazon. Stocks held for 3 minutes. As a reminder, sales on Amazon require a subscription to Amazon Prime.

    • 10h10: For the moment, no news of a restocking has yet hit the planet PS5 this Tuesday.

      The PS5 is available this Wednesday at Micromania. If you want to buy the console as soon as possible, the tip of the day is to add the console or the pack you want to buy directly to your wishlist (the little heart above the product). Then go to your profile and then to the “my desires” tab. From this tab, you can add the object you are interested in directly to your basket, and validate your purchase, without having to go through the crowded pages of the products themselves. What to avoid queues and save valuable time for your purchase.

      No PS5 until 2022?

      The month of May starts with bad news that can be found in a CNBC article. In a recent interview with Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel, the newspaper posed the sore question, and asked for an estimated duration of the shortage of semiconductors which penalizes the computer markets, home consoles and of the automobile. The answer is not very reassuring: “ We believe that the global shortage of semiconductors will extend to 2024, despite our previous estimates (2023), because shortages are now hitting equipment and some production lines will be under severe pressure.” Bad news for the market for home consoles and graphics cards.

      After a month rich in stock for the Sony console, restocking is slowing down, except for a few copies put on sale by Auchan on Monday. But the situation is a good omen for potential buyers of the Playstation 5, who are seeing an increase in the “drops” of the console. If you want to prepare yourself effectively for the next restocking (which will probably take place this Tuesday morning), you can always consult the various tips, techniques and buying advice on our article below:

      Of course, the sites of French retailers can at any time offer the Playstation 5 again. Sales that alternate between the console alone or packs including console, controllers, games and accessories. Note, however, that some sites have their own particular operation for console sales. For example, sales on Amazon are exclusively for Amazon Prime members (try Prime here) and are particularly tough since all of Europe can benefit from it. At GĂ©ant Casino, you will need to pre-order the console before going to pick it up in store, while at CDiscount and Micromania it is very rare to find the console alone, but rather in packs. You can find all our buying advice as well as the best offers for used consoles, games and accessories in our article above.

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